Dali statuettes show: the surrealist art master 'charm'

by:Ennas      2020-06-16
Core tip: glorious moment - June 18th 29, by our art museum and art gallery, in shandong province shaanxi province jointly organized the 'Salvador Dali and felix alain roux statuettes show' will be in the mountains on June 18 - the spectacular moment 29, by our art museum and art gallery, in shandong province shaanxi province jointly organized the 'Salvador Dali and felix alain roux statuettes show' will be on display at the art gallery in shandong province. Master of Dali figurine works from afar, spiritual communication with audiences in shandong. Dali, surrealism art master, his life and his art is full of 'charm', he said: 'it is important to spread doubt, rather than eliminate confusion. 'His' soft 'clock and a series of famous image, let a person feel mysterious, memorable. Some say he was crazy, someone he hated it, but has admitted that his artistic genius and master status. Reporters invited professor of shandong university of art and foreign art history expert Li Piyu, introduce readers to the mysterious master. Grow the charm of Dali is born three years, his seven-year-old brother died. Parents give 'el Salvador Dali took his brother's name, and he is full of love and expectation. It has brought little Dali annoyance and revolt. He always feel oneself live in my brother's shadow, smart and stupid brother, is a 'copy'. So he grow in sensitive, conceit, fantasies, and often show off, and even cruelty to draw attention to themselves, to prove their differences. Push friend down the bridge at the age of 5, 6 years of age with the feet malicious play sister head, 13 jumped off a building, mischief in the classroom, so that has been expelled from school. This kind of behavior in adulthood is still a business card of Dali, exaggerated expression and tone of voice, strange costumes and behavior, so that the skyline of his beard, dressed in diving suits, to attend the exhibition opening ceremony of the funny better known than his works. Dali, on the other hand, the actions of childhood, but also to his left a deep mark, in his later works often have a kind of shadow. Such as five years old when his home in iron drum keeps a small beetles, a firefly and a bat wings were injured. He speaks to them. Dali boyhood smart but spent in rebellion and complacent, so that learning, only painting talent encouraged by the teacher. Dream charm Dali although has studied the Royal Academy of fine arts in Madrid, but he eventually fired again. As he puts it: 'a continuously and systematically and a desire to be different, had guided me to all sorts of weird words and deeds. 'The teacher asked to draw a gothic Notre Dame like painting, but he drew a platform scale precisely, the criticism but boldly to the teacher said:' you may be the same as everyone see a virgin, but I see is a platform scale! 'He believes that' I was doomed to really save from the emptiness of modern art paintings ', 'the biggest difference between a madman and me is that I didn't mad. 'During the Royal Academy of fine arts in Madrid, he not only gain a high level of realism techniques, the most important thing is that he accepted the theory of Freud's' interpretation of dreams '. Ever dream of become the main areas of Dali painting, the charm of Dali play temperament and talent, get rid of the lost and explore their own artistic road opened the door. In 1928 he went to Paris, to the surrealism, the interpretation of dreams in explaining and show their experience, imagination and happening around him, and for their 'ego' and 'show-off' found according to. The surrealist art movement is active in between the two world wars. Freud thinks, the person's unconscious is the concentrated reflection of people's psychological instinct, sexual instinct is one of basic instinct and psychological motivation. The artist's task is to put this instinct, the subconscious mind. Surrealist, therefore, that the subconscious, dream, illusion, instinct and intuition are beyond the other side of the real world, is a reflection of pure spirit and essence of people. Artists should show these to create a kind of absolute, supernatural art world. The charm of Dali is not limited to the creative painting, figurines, design, film and writing and so on. He said: 'the wisdom of the artist to classical methods and the most absurd and desultorily I did all kinds of trying. 'His works full of charm, which comes from the illusion of Dali genius, licentious performance, work is full of grotesque image, the atmosphere of terror, the relationship between inconceivable scene, without rhyme or reason, is full of sex, the theme of the abnormal and irrational. Charm but from his works full of all kinds of unconscious symbols, such as ants, grasshopper, bread, soft table, eyelid, giraffe, long legs, crutches, drawer, etc. , suggesting that the memory of childhood, sexual desire, death consciousness, and so on, these would be a mysterious interpretation of his work. Such as painting the eternal memory, the premonition of the civil war, the port of Riga virgin, small sculpture the drawer with the Venus DE milo, 'space like', 'snail and angel', etc. Daley said his painting is 'specific irrational and imagine the world of manual color photos. 'He's work is not automatic, unconscious but consciously build. Even so, in a surreal way to reproduce the dream, his achievement is unparalleled. He had pronounced said: 'the surrealist and the difference between I and is that I was a real surrealist. 'Venus distorted Christ like human angel like photography Xu Yanchun models
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