Dai Shiyuan introduces the inspiring effects of five toys

by:Ennas      2021-12-14

Parents now pay more and more attention to the benefits that toys bring to their children. Many parents feel a little bit at a loss when buying toys for their children. Dai Shiyuan, who has many years of experience in toy sales, said that different toys will bring different intelligence to children. Sports toys include rockers and bells for babies, balls for babies, crawling toys, push-pull carts and small bicycles. This kind of toys can train children's vision, hearing, climbing, standing, walking, balance and other movements. Musical toys include small pianos, small organs, small percussion instruments, and sound books. This kind of toys can enable children to receive education in music and dance art, cultivate temperament, cultivate the ability to feel and appreciate music. Construction toys include large, medium and small building blocks, geometrical wooden blocks and boards, various inserts, rubber toys, etc. This kind of toys can inspire children's intellectual activities, develop children's hand-eye coordination, and cultivate children's imagination. Transportation toys include various push-pull cars and transportation toys, such as cars, trains, boats, airplanes, and indicator lights. This kind of toys can develop children's movements, language and imagination, and can also enrich children's knowledge of transportation and give full play to their creativity when playing games. Mathematical toys include counting toys, box sets, puzzles, paintings, stickers, origami, etc. Such toys can enable children to acquire knowledge about nature and social life and inspire wisdom.
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