Dad in Hengyang, Hunan gave a 'big toy' to the child as a birth ceremony

by:Ennas      2021-12-21

According to 'Yanzhao Metropolis DailyJie Cun '80s' young guy Lu said with a shy smile. Lu Chao, born in 1988, graduated from technical secondary school. His first job was a computer design in a shopping mall in Handan. By chance, Lu Chao saw a news on the Internet that a father and son in Hengyang, Hunan were making Transformers. Lu Chao, who was obsessed with machinery since he was a child, was fascinated. Why couldn't he build a Transformer? At this time, Lu Chao's wife is also pregnant, and it is of special significance to give this special 'big toy' to the child who is about to be born. Lu Chao first designed the structural drawings of Transformers and chose his favorite 'Optimus Prime' as the prototype. In October 2014, he officially started construction, and his father, who is proficient in mechanical modification, also became Lu Chao's technical high-level staff. Lu Chao told reporters that all his Transformers selected were waste parts from cars and motorcycles, including bumpers, car tires, horns, exhaust pipes, etc. He used to go to waste recycling stations during that time. Place to patronize. After more than two months of arduous creation, 'Optimus Prime' was finally released. More coincidentally, Lu Chao's son was born two days later. The reporter saw that 'Optimus Prime' was in a standing form, with three main colors of red, blue, and gold. The eyes and chest were designed with lighting devices that can emit light. What is even more magical is that Lu Chao designed an external recording, inserting On the USB flash drive, this lively big guy can speak. Used car tires, wheels, bumpers, exhaust pipes and other materials can all be found on the big guys. According to Lu Chao, this Transformer is 2.9 meters tall and is currently unable to move on its own. His next step to overcome the problem is to install a small engine to make him move. 'In the future, I may let it participate in some commercial activities, but it is mainly my hobby. I also give my son a meeting gift to let him know that dad is great!' Lu Chaodao.
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