Cute little mouse focused on playing with toy mice and was secretly photographed

by:Ennas      2021-12-16

China News Service, December 4, according to foreign media reports, recently, when a man named Joakim Oldberg was sleeping at home, he suddenly heard a 'squeak' sound from the kitchen. He initially thought that his pet cat was playing with toys, but soon found that the cat was staying with himself in the bedroom.  Oldberg went downstairs and found that it turned out that a little mouse was 'playing' with the cat's toy mouse, and it might have been 'in love' with this toy. Oldberg said: 'When I went downstairs to look, I found this little mouse was playing with the toy. It found out that I was shocked and quickly hid. I then set the camera and put the toy mouse On the ground, and then avoided.'   And this camera recorded the whole process of the little mouse playing with the toy. The little mouse seemed to like his new friend very much. However, the pain of unrequited love may take the little mouse to endure for a while.
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