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by:Ennas      2021-12-24

From January 13th to 16th, 2016, the Investment Promotion Department of Hefei Jingzheng Exhibition Company, under the leadership of President Li, conducted a four-day market visit, visiting Bengbu, Guzhen, Wuhe, Huainan and Feng Taiwan, Anqing, Tongcheng, Zongyang, Chizhou, Wangjiang, Ma'anshan, Hanshan, Hexian, Xuancheng, Jingde, Huaibei, Suixi, Suzhou, Lingbi, Sixian, Xiaoxian, Bozhou, Guoyang, Mengcheng, The maternal and infant stores in Fuyang, Linquan, Taihe, Yingshang, Funan, and Jieshou, and the owners of chain retail series, visit the front line of the market to understand the development status of the maternity, infant and child industry, and help distributors find problems and solve difficulties. Bureau, understand the direction of development, and personally send the 32nd issue of 'Anhui Pregnancy and Infant Market Report' to the dealers and friends. It also brought them a very good news. From March 17-18, a maternal and child charity lecture hall and a big-name product meeting will be held in Fuyang. We invite well-known experts in the industry to tailor a profession to the actual operating conditions of the maternal and child store. The course also invites the owner of a chain maternal and child store who will face bankruptcy due to mismanagement in the same industry and eventually turn into a victory. The annual profit exceeds millions and the future turnover in 2016 will reach 20 million. How does he do it? Yes? This mysterious figure is said to be from Henan. Let's wait and see at the scene! In addition, the annual Anhui Children’s Fair is also a hot event in the industry. On June 17-19, 2016, the 6th Anhui Children’s Fair, which has undergone 6 years of precipitation, was planned and organized by Mr. Li himself. Everyone is also full of Looking forward to them, they said they would definitely be there to observe. According to the feedback from colleagues in the market, this dealer visit has achieved unprecedented success and greatly exceeded the expected results. This time I met 311 stores and chain system managers, because they often received every past mail from us. 'Anhui Maternity and Infant Market NewsThe past 2015 was a turbulent year in the maternal and infant industry. Many bosses are now facing more or less bottlenecks in development. 2016 is also regarded as a more challenging year by everyone. We are here for friends in the industry. We brought the latest industry information, the most used industry advice, and the most authoritative industry guidance. The entire 2016 plan of Hefei Jingzheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. brought the long-awaited showers to the mother and baby industry in Anhui. Support and expectation. At the same time, colleagues from the China Merchants Department believe that having so many fans of industry retailers further confirms the significance and value of our existence. In 2016, we are also more confident and will certainly not disappoint everyone's expectations. During this four-day dealer market visit, our colleagues from the Merchants Department also selected some representative maternal and child shop owners to take a group photo. They were forwarded in the circle of friends and received more companies and agents in the industry. According to the statistics of the exhibition recruitment department, the visit has achieved remarkable results. In the four working days of the visit, everyone has received numerous telephone inquiries. The company’s switchboard is even more busy, and there are dozens of inquiries every day. The companies and distributors in other provinces and cities also have a lot of inquiries such as WeChat and QQ messages. As of January 18, five brands have confirmed the sponsorship of the public welfare lecture hall at Fuyang Station on March 17-18, 92 companies The company has confirmed the booth of the 6th Anhui Baby u0026 Children Fair in 2016. Among them, 24 companies have a fixed exhibition area of u200bu200bmore than 36 square meters. This is the industry's affirmation of Hefei Jingzheng's so grounded work. Everyone believes that you can come in person today. People who understand the market on the front line are those who can grasp the lifeblood of the market in the future. Mastering the market direction and dynamics is not the so-called principle, but can truly be based on the industry and do practical things for everyone. We have always insisted on taking customers' customers as the focus of our services, which is also the reason for our existence!
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