CTJPA Standards and Regulations Knowledge Explained the first issue of toy small parts

by:Ennas      2022-01-14
The frequency of unqualified small parts in domestic and foreign product quality unqualified problems has always been high. According to statistics, in 2019 the European Union recalled Chinese toy products, the number of unqualified problems was the small parts problem; in China Play Association 2019 In the annual self-discipline survey, 31% of substandard toy products had small parts problems. The following provides professional guidance to enterprises from two perspectives: standard requirements and expert suggestions. [Standard requirements] 6675.2-2014 'Toy Safety Part 2 Mechanical and Physical Properties' requires: (1) Toys and their detachable parts intended for children under 36 months should not be completely contained in the small parts tester ( 2) If toys or their detachable parts intended for children of 36 months and over but less than 72 months can be accommodated in the small parts tester, warning instructions should be provided. [Expert suggestion] (1) Manufacturers should take into account in the design process, especially toys used by children under 3 years old, there should be no such parts, toys used by children over 3 years old, pay attention to adding small parts warning (2) Strictly control the quality of materials used in toys. Smaller children lack some awareness of the hazards due to their mental and physical characteristics. They often chew, bite, and throw toys and other items on their hands. Toys can easily form small parts after being dropped on the ground. [Products with small parts problem] The elephant’s trunk is a detachable part. After the abuse test of small parts, the toy shattered to produce small parts
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