CTJPA hosted the October exhibition with many highlights, and the national audition of 'Amazing Female Anchor' was launched

by:Ennas      2022-01-01

As a new retail model, live streaming has emerged in the past two years. During the epidemic, live streaming used a new way to make up for the suppression of offline consumption despite the epidemic. With the advantages of convenience, intuitiveness, authenticity, and strong interactivity, The live broadcast economy, which has been accumulating for a long time, has ushered in explosive growth. Now the live broadcast economy is shifting from the pan-entertainment to the Red Sea, to the precision track + segmented crowd. How to use the new model of live broadcast to achieve the dual improvement of market efficiency and brand effect? In order to answer this key proposition, October 21-23, 2020, CTE China Toy Fair, CKE China Baby and Child Fair, CPE China Preschool Education Fair and CLE China Authorized Exhibition, October 24-25, China Play Expo·Shanghai will be coming soon Opening, the organizer of the exhibition, China Toys and Baby Products Association, will join hands with the role model mothers to create the 'Amazing Female Anchor' national audition event. What's so great about this great female anchor? Since its establishment, Zinee's role model mother has served nearly 10,000 children's industry enterprises, institutions, and gardens for three years, and has linked hundreds of thousands of families with experts in the children's education industry, recommended good courses and good products, and helped parents Get through the underlying parenting logic, be less anxious, and be more confident. The purpose of the national audition campaign of 'Amazing Female Anchor' is to discover and create an IP for mother, infant and child anchors that 'know mothers, children, education, and bring goodsThe supply chain integrates brand promotion and product effectiveness, and provides professional advice and high-quality products for kindergarten principals, heads of early education institutions, maternal and child entities, e-commerce, and distributors at all levels to reduce channel costs and expand profit margins , To achieve maximum benefits. If you are an anchor, you want to be the head anchor of the mother-infant-children category; you are a mother and want to 'left-handed parenting, right-handed career'; you are a professional woman who wants to start a business quickly or expand channels; you are the head of a kindergarten, want Find a way out for the garden; you are a teacher and want to grow in a new field... Scan the QR code of the poster above to sign up, 'Amazing Female Anchor' is a stage tailored for you! CTJPA has created a great exhibition platform. The exhibition scale hosted by the China Toys and Baby Products Association will reach 230,000 square meters. It is expected that there will be 2700+ exhibitors, 5000+ brands, and 1800+IP exhibitors. For toys, baby products, preschool education products and brand licensing industries, this will be an amazing exhibition. The CTE China Toy Fair will gather tens of thousands of trending new products from more than 30 countries and regions around the world and 20 major toy production areas in China, showing the new trends and trends in the development of the toy industry in the post-epidemic era. This year's exhibition will focus on the new products of the industry and set up a special area for handmade DIY toys. Exhibitors such as Le Cube, Lili, Ruotai, and Yibaifen will bring new handmade DIY toys. At the same time, it focuses on the introduction of trendy toys represented by blind boxes and hand-made toys, a strong international brand lineup, and numerous exhibitors covering the entire industry segment, providing a wide range of opportunities for exchanges and cooperation between buyers and exhibitors. The CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair gathers global boutiques to create a new benchmark for international trends. CKE China Baby u0026 Children Show has always been the platform of choice for internationally renowned brands such as Cybex, Rollplay, and Joie. This year, there are also German high-quality plush toy brand Steiff, the American infant toy brand Apple Park, and schoolbags specializing in school bags. New exhibitors such as Tiger Family, a Hong Kong brand from Hong Kong, joined forces. This year, the CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair will focus on the hot spots of the epidemic economy and focus on launching outdoor sports products and disinfection products. The on-site brands are gathered and the categories are complete. It is worth looking forward to. CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition will bring together nearly 400 exhibitors, more than 900 well-known preschool education brands at home and abroad, to display a full range of product categories, covering all categories of preschool education. From hardware resources such as educational toys, furniture, amusement equipment, lawn mats, garden clothes and quilts to content products such as preschool education courses, picture books, teacher training, etc., it covers all the software and hardware systems required for the operation of kindergartens to meet the differences in different markets, regions, and audiences. We provide the most intuitive design and quality display of the latest products. At the same time, there will also be a number of events such as the Global Nursery Conference, China Preschool Education Development Conference, and education-related cross-border activities-China Cultural Tourism Real Estate Development Conference and other activities, leading the development trend and bringing together industry pioneer opinions. This year's CLE China Licensing Exhibition covers all IP categories, IP positioning in multiple dimensions, and meets the needs of all parties. This licensing exhibition covers cartoons and animations, fashion, corporate brands, online games, art and culture, film and television entertainment, sports and leisure, etc. Full-category authorized IP to meet the needs of diversified and multi-dimensional brand authorization in an all-round way. Popular IP, domestically produced original IP, and the latest trend IP are all at the China Licensing Exhibition. At present, the pre-registration system for buyers of CTE China Toys Fair, CKE China Baby and Children Fair, CPE China Preschool Education Fair and CLE China Authorized Fair is fully open, and they are now on the official website of the organizer China Toys and Baby Products Association (www.wjyt-china. org) Enter the corresponding exhibition page, enter the visit pre-registration system, quickly complete the registration in 40 seconds, one-stop to meet the procurement needs, grasp industry information in the first time, more business opportunities, meet in Shanghai in golden autumn and October!
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