CTE China Toy Fair News | Loowi.Hero debuts

by:Ennas      2022-01-15
CTE China Toys Fair, animation IP authorized products, usually animation IP brands first develop animation IP, and then authorize high-quality manufacturers to manufacture products, the integration of the two interpretations and expressions is often not satisfactory. So, is it possible to do the opposite and perfectly integrate animation IP with licensed products? That is to say, on the basis of existing products, can brand manufacturers develop animation IP that perfectly matches the product, so that animation IP has been an excellent endorsement image for the product since its birth? Following this idea, Lewei® Wizard IP came into being and debuted! The design of Lewei® Wizard IP is inspired by the Lewei® Art Block Series, the Lewei® Magic Bead, which gives Lewei Magic Bead an extraordinary vitality! Lewei® Magic Bead draws on the characteristics of joint flexibility in nature, uses minimalist engineering design, equilateral triangle limit insertion + three-dimensional coordinate six-hole orientation + rotation function free display u003d interpretation of the perfect point, line and face shape art building block plan. At present, the mainstream building blocks on the market are Lego-style concavo-convex blocks based on cylindrical tubes. The Chinese original concavo-convex ball blocks Lewei® Magic Beads are joint-based articulated blocks, the most exquisite concave and convex blocks. The ball, like the change of yin and yang, can be inserted and transformed into various flat patterns and three-dimensional shapes, opening another world of classic building blocks. Lewei® Wizard IP will be in the dreamy kingdom of colorful flowers and trees, with the help of endless friends who use magic beads as the framework and activated by wizard power and all kinds of magic weapons. , Staged a variety of entertaining hero stories. Lewei® Wizard IP welcomes the cartoon, animation, film and television industry's screenwriters, production, distribution companies or talents to negotiate and cooperate (equity investment or option cooperation), and jointly write a classic chapter of the perfect combination of animation products! Description of the Loowi.Hero art works of Loowi® Loowi.Hero The Loowi.Hero art works project of Loowi® Loowi.Hero was designed and produced due to the need for diversified development of the Loowi® art building block brand and refreshing the brand information of the Loowi® art building block. We hope to use easily recognizable mascots to create a friendly image of information. We call him Mr. Loowik Mr. Loowik, which further promotes the recognition of our Loowik® art building block brand. It has a variety of postures and can be easily placed in promotional materials or directly on the sold products. Its smiling face is closely related to its cheerful personality, which is very important for children's products. Its expressive characters encourage children to play with building blocks. In the task of creating art works, children are generally happy to incorporate their favorite roles. For example, in the crafting class of plasticine or modeling clay, Mr. Loowik is very suitable as a creative object for children. Children can recommend new clothes and other headwear for Mr. Loowik. The'brand-hero' project resulted from the need to diversify and refresh Loowi's brand message. We wanted to create a friendly message using an easily identifiable mascot. We called him Mr. Loowik-which further facilitates the identification of our Loowi brand of construction blocks. Created in several poses, it allows easy placement both in promotional materials and directly on products sold.A smiling face and a'cheerful disposition' are well associated-which is crucial for children's products. The expressive character encourages children to play with blocks . In the artistic work, children willingly place images of their favorite characters in the tasks. Mr. Loowik is great for mapping in manual work with plasticine or modeling clay. You can suggest a new clothes for Mr. Loowik and other headgear. Created in two batches, the first two were published on October 23, 2019, and all works were completed on October 31, 2019. The artworks were created in two batches. The first two were published on October 23, 2019. All four artworks were completed on October 31, 2019. Copyright © 2019 Polish trading company Oniko Thomas Pallas and Xiamen Leweifang Toys Co., Ltd. reserves all rights COPYRIGHT © 2019 FIRMA HANDLOWA'OLLINECK' TOMASZ PALASZ u0026 XIAMEN LOOWI TOYS CO.,LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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