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by:Ennas      2021-11-22

On October 16-18, 2018, the Shanghai International Preschool Education and Equipment Exhibition (abbreviated: CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition) hosted by China Toys and Baby Products Association will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Different from regional exhibitions, CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition is positioned as 'specialization, branding, and internationalizationAs of May 22, 2018, 332 early childhood education companies have confirmed their participation in CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition. Watsonway and Wonder Group have booked booths of more than 500 square meters, and more than 10 leading companies of various categories have booths of more than 200 At present, there are very few large-area booths left, only 10% of the booths are available. Well-known preschool education companies gather to promote integrated solutions. This year CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition, well-known preschool education companies gathered together, Qisehua, Watson Wei, Ou Meng, Ai Cube, Heikelun, Best, etc. have confirmed their participation, and said A series of new products will be launched at the exhibition to showcase the integrated preschool education solutions on site. The Huasenwei display area is more than 500 square meters, and all its product series will be fully displayed. It will become the largest booth in the CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition and Educational Toys Pavilion. The company is strong. None of the characteristic enterprises in the production area were absent, bringing new kindergarten supplies. At the same time, the CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition attracted domestic Zhejiang Yongjia, Jiangsu Baoying, Shandong Linyi and other major production areas as a whole display of characteristic enterprises, of which the booth exceeded 200 square meters and there were 10,000 leading enterprises in the industry. Group, Zhejiang Qiaoqiao Educational Technology Co., Ltd., Yonglang Group, Qitele Group, Kage Group, Mickey Toys Group, etc., and Wande Group, with nearly 650 square meters, jumped to the largest booth at this year's CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition, Qiaoqiao shocked Interpretation of the “ten regionalization of children’s outdoor games” solutions; Qitele has made the design of “Guoxue Courses” broken into parts, allowing amusement equipment to enter the family; Yonglang, Qiaoqiao, Miqimiao, Aibel and other companies will also The latest research and development product system will be launched at the CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition. New category companies are growing rapidly, and the cost is a scenic line of the exhibition. In addition, in terms of display categories, courses and institutions at this CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition are actively registered, such as Young Miaohui, Ningyi, Oriental Star, Baiyi Workshop, Ancona The Montessori and Montessori pavilions will both make their debut, with a major launch of the latest kindergarten curriculum system and supporting products, covering Chinese Studies, Orff, Montessori, Music, English, Sports, and Preschool Connections. Rich on-site activities provide exhibitors with more efficient promotion opportunities. It is especially important to emphasize that this year's annual meeting of the Preschool Education Professional Committee of the Chinese Education Society will continue to be held at the CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition. In addition, the organizer will also hold the 'China Preschool Education Future Development ForumCPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition focuses on the current hot areas of preschool education, and has set up 4 special zones: international brand zone, STEAM and maker zone, picture book zone, Montessori education zone. At present, there are nearly 80 companies in several zones. After confirming the participation, special events in these fields will also be held during the same period to provide distributors and park managers with theoretical and practical guidance. In addition to the above activities, the CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition will continue its previous advantages and continue to hold subdivided channel matchmaking meetings according to the needs of exhibitors to help companies find suitable distribution channels to the greatest extent. At the same time, 200,000 domestic and foreign professional buyers and kindergarten data resources will be used to help exhibitors to promote their brands and products. The pre-registration of high-quality buyers at home and abroad is enthusiastic. It is hoped that the exhibition will expand to 37,000 square meters this year. The pre-registration system for buyers of CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition has been opened, and it has caused a sensation in the entire preschool education circle. Welcomed by investors, the number of pre-registered buyers currently exceeds 48% in the same period last year. Among them, the proportion of national, provincial and municipal agents and kindergarten principals has increased significantly. The quality of buyers cannot be underestimated. Grasp the opportunity to register in May and enjoy up to 15% off. In response to the needs of exhibitors, the China Toys and Baby Products Association, the organizer of CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition, also gave a 'booking discountParticipating applications, as long as you pay the deposit before May 31, you can enjoy the corresponding discounts! The door to the 2018 CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition has been opened, please log in to the official website to learn more!
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