Copper handicrafts in the area along the way, for the Chinese technology to 'new'

by:Ennas      2021-10-10
A group of wonderful artical excelling nature copper crafts 22 at China's building process. A group with elegant & other; Deer & throughout; Of the image of the work in the area along the way 'in the second China technology & other; To a new award & throughout; Copper handicrafts in the special collection. “ To a new award & throughout; The selection in the embodiment of & other; New era, new spirit to the innovative spirit and artisan & throughout; Collection, through a series of crafts and awards, can reflect Chinese excellent traditional culture characteristics, in order to discover or in contemporary art design language and form, and be able to reflect the contemporary people value idea, conform to the Chinese way of life and aesthetic pursuit of life aesthetics. This collection of works by & other; Copper & throughout; As the main material, and received registration works more than 1500 pieces, qualified shortlisted for the work of more than 330 pieces. After strict expert review, finally selected from numerous works 1 piece first prize; Three pieces of second prize; Third prize 6 PCS. The first prize in the annual work is in the area all the way '; Second prize of the three pieces of works were 'bosom friend' pot, the emperor smoked furnace, and industrial industry in China from the dunhuang art master Du Yongwei 'rebound pipa' dunhuang art sculpture; Third prize of the six pieces are respectively 'the day a star officer', 'silk rhyme spring breeze' series of & other; Thinking is sweet throughout wanli &; , '' flower & middot; Chun xia ', 'HAAM copper shippo burning vessel', 'both ferro ( Put back the clock) Add 'and' sweet & ndash; — Backflow incense burner.
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