cool! Norwegian father makes a stunning spherical robot toy for his child

by:Ennas      2021-12-31
Cool robot toy      When many parents are worrying about not having enough time to play with their children, a talented Norwegian father made a unique transforming machine ball to accompany the child, instead of his hurried footsteps beside the child. According to a report by the British 'Daily Mail' on April 24, the 41-year-old father is named Kare Halvorsen. He is a consultant engineer in Rogaland, Norway. After being inspired, He designed and invented a cool robot toy for his three-year-old son.   According to reports, Halvorson was inspired by children’s Japanese toys for making robot balls. He felt that he could do better, so he has today’s robot toys. **Recently, his new invention is a deformable robot that can roll and resemble a spider. The prototype of this robot has a spherical shape. When the bottom of the ball is unfolded, the robot becomes a six-legged spider. The top of the ball can also be transformed to resemble a lotus flower. Its top and bottom can move after it is deformed. Halvorson has also implanted an anti-catch program for the robot so that children can chase it and play.   Halvorson said that the child is his biggest fan and loves his robot toys. This is also his biggest motivation. When others praised his creation, he said that although it would bring some economic benefits, it was more of his own interests and hobbies.   At present, the robot toy invented by Halvorson has been copied and developed and sold in the United States.
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