Continuation of the 'root' for love rooted memory septuagenarian root carving story _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-08
Core tip: Gu Yugui old man's house in chang source area, small balcony, is she stay the longest time of the day, because it is not only for her a small studio, but she and old Gu Yugui old man's house in chang source area, small balcony, is she stay the longest time of the day, because it is not only for her a small studio, but she and his wife heart can stick to the nearest place. The morning of July 11, saw Gu Yugui, a 74 - year - old old man, she is wearing a convex glass, carefully wipe on the balcony a root carving works, 'I want to give this root carving photos for a moment, then washed out photos and make record, re-dress to photo albums. 'The old man said, after she and his wife spent a total of 242 pieces of works carved, since his wife died suddenly in 2009, she was very sad, feeling once lost the direction of life, but after half a year, one day, she suddenly felt, although his wife away, but their common root carving works can't just followed' buried 'in the basement, this is his wife rest life work, she want to do something for him, leaving their effort and memory. In recent years, after Gu Yugui old man stood up from the sadness, the one taking pictures, registration, the volume of root carving works. Speaking of how people they fall in love with root carving and insist on down, the old man into a long memory. Love root carving from coincidence in 1985, and then the Gu Yu and his wife are working in gansu province, 'we have a fellow named cao, he do root carving has been more than a year, at a time, his wife accidentally saw he carved an eagle's especially fond of the root, ask cao teacher, he can do it? Cao teacher, said. Gave his wife a piece of wood, then let him three months to sculpture. 'Gu Yugui said she didn't know his wife without any carving skills just carved out ready for half a month,' the overall shape though, very rough, but it is out, from the later, his wife love for root carving unstoppable. 'Since then, for roots, punch grinding, carved into the old couple daily of the greatest pleasures in life. A sun hat and a carry-on bag, a pair of holding your hand and with your figure, Gu Yugui longdong mountains and rivers, the old man with his wife visited. 'His wife didn't art strength, but have a rich imagination, he put every roots after carved into a form, I'll give it later, I became his indispensable good helper. 'Remember them once for the' root 'busy day, the old man happy smile on his face. Interest is the best teacher 'a root carving works are the key to success is to find the right tree roots, according to the shape of the tree roots, determine how to make the ideal root carving works. Gu Yugui the old man said, 'they root carving works with are more than one hundred years of prinsepia uniflora batal thorn root growth, year after year due to deforestation, Weaving baskets of material) That root uneven, there is scar, various caves, natural simplicity. 'This kind of wood material is hard, texture clear, red and white wood, so, we in the creation in order to highlight the natural color and shape of the root is given priority to, clever apply texture, scar and caves. 'So, walk for roots and became the old couple's biggest interest. The old man spoke with relish, to others the humble roots, a baby in their eyes. As long as heard about roots, difficulties they would go to again. Sometimes come across a good root, they can be happy laugh out loud in the mountains. Gu Yugui what the old couple never specifically studied sculpture technology, all by himself slowly groping. Even if an ordinary, not like appearance of rotten roots, the old man always borrow 'root', finally made a decent work of art. You name it. Root carving recorded the memories of a beautiful Gu Yugui now 74 - year - old, speaking of the root carving, unavoidable eyes red, because these are both she and his wife carved a knife a knife, the inside is full of infinite nostalgia for his wife. 'After our retirement pension, life is very good, never thought I want to make money by doing root carving. 'Gu Yugui old man tells a reporter, every piece of work together with her and his wife work, everything, all records for a period of wonderful memories. 'I carved carved appreciate just let the big guy, you like them. 'In 2003, xianyang changqing Gu Yugui old man family moved to chang the source area, with his wife enjoying his body a day than a day, they love root carving has been hidden deep in the basement. 'It was not until after his wife died six months, I again to turn out one by one and the root carving works for so many years, carved so much, don't have to tidy it up. Gu Yugui the old man said, 'she now basically put 242 registered, and each root also let the granddaughter names. 'Since there are some granddaughter, who was not involved in root carving, root carving name I am still not satisfied, cultural level is low, but my wife and I also could not play better, so now, hope to have interested friends help me to give these root carving give more suitable name. 'To this end, the old man has specifically ask people to his wife's name on the Internet has set up a' QiXueXian root carving art museum ', hope to let more people understand their root carving works, and his wife share belong to her story of root carving.
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