Consumption concept is rising, the adult toy market is breaking out, and three major categories are emerging

by:Ennas      2022-01-11
As an exclusive festival for children, the children's day that has just passed can be said to have set off a boom in toy purchases. However, according to the data released by the electronic goods station, every year, nearly 7000w adults buy toys for themselves, and 57% of them are born in the 90s. With the increase in toy categories and the diversified development of the additional content of the toy itself, more adults are willing to accept toys and the values u200bu200bexpressed behind the toys. At present, the potential increase in the domestic toy market is not only due to the opening of the second-child policy, but the emergence of older children should also attract the attention of the industry. Consumption concepts have improved and market audiences have expanded. The development of the Internet era has also brought about a rapid improvement in the national economy. Compared with the natural toys of the post-80s and post-90s generations, the toys of the new era are more dazzling and full of temptation. The changes in product characteristics are just in line with the changes in consumers' perceptions. For young people, how to express their individuality and the pursuit of a quality life has become an important idea leading consumption. At the same time, adults will significantly change the focus of toy selection. For children, as long as the color of the toy is bright enough and the appearance is similar to the image in the animation, the attention will be attracted. But for adults, the workmanship of the toy, the story behind it, and whether the style is limited are all factors that affect consumption. The performance of different toys in adult consumer groups is also slightly different. Old toys promote new consumption. For adults in the coming years, they have experienced the process of new era toys from scratch. Toys that once accompanied their childhood are no longer the market trend, but the nostalgic feelings are still there. Still. From the perspective of online sales, the five retro toys, Cassidy, Clockwork Frog, Rolling Iron Ring, Ferrule, and Climbing Stickman, are the most popular. For nostalgic toys, no matter whether it is workmanship or innovation, it does not require too much brainstorming. What businesses have to do is to use what marketing methods to arouse the nostalgia of adults and promote consumption. In this category, toy entities are not the real selling point, but feelings. Therefore, nostalgic toys can be used as a gimmick for merchants to attract more traffic, but it is not desirable to use this as a long-term solution. If you want to increase the stickiness of users and promote consumption, more business methods are needed. The sense of accomplishment from playing is the same as other consumer products. High quality means high price. But toys are a non-essential category. If consumers are willing to pay a high price to buy toys, such a premium must have value behind it. Lego Toys is a typical representative. As a leader in the toy industry, Lego integrates many factors such as the sense of technology, educational attributes, and digital content into the building blocks to allow consumers to get more experience in the process of playing. For this category of consumers, their professionalism can be better reflected in toys, and the highly difficult splicing toys are enough to make themselves feel full of accomplishment after being busy for a while. Therefore, we will find that in the consumer category of young people, educational toys with higher difficulty will be more attractive. In addition to the trendy toy market, the rise of the trendy play is also attributed to adults. Although it is a bit exaggerated to say that an otaku has a wall and a house in Beijing, it can also reflect the current situation of the toy industry to a certain extent. After the turn of the century, today's young people have greatly improved their tolerance for culture and acceptance of new things. The trendy players headed by Bubble Mart captured the careful thoughts of consumers and incorporated personality and trend into toys, thereby opening up the market. For the toy industry, the expansion of consumer audiences has become an irreversible development trend. Although there are already many players on this track, from the perspective of the general environment, the consumption power and consumption habits of adults are possible. Make it a brand new cake, and from the perspective of how to share this cake, emotional cards, professionalism and trend-oriented are the current three directions.
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