Concave and convex, again representational small statues exhibition hall h and yue, levy art space

by:Ennas      2020-05-28
Core clew: on October 27, 2013, tsinghua university, a small statue of the dean professor Li He figurines and lu xun academy of fine arts professor zhang, Venice biennale figurine artist famous Cai Zhisong in h and yue hall on October 27, 2013 statuettes at the university of tsinghua professor Li He and lu xun academy of fine arts professor zhang figurines, Venice biennale figurine artist famous Cai Zhisong in hall h and yue brought us 'bump beauty' and 'representational beauty'. Enjoy work, and the definition of three artists to talk about life and ideal, deep feeling to carry forward the aesthetics and history of Chinese and western culture melting each other each unique understanding. Art is the history of the silent, she recorded the wealth of human civilization. Figurine is frozen history, every line in life. Regardless of wind and rain, regardless of the vicissitudes, each one works are watching the sentient beings. Sound silent, silent on the work can be a big bell in the human art palace big lu. Small statue is a language without borders, she can tolerate release the power of beauty. Figurine is another is after painting collection, popular categories, ancient history to industry by the use of wood and stone tools to find art people creating history, now we express to the world a kind of harmony, a kind of understanding and communication! ( JH:页面) Curators, artists and guests to pose for a famous singer snow for the first time as a curator collision art, she thinks that art is interlinked, different kinds of art rise in mutual exchanges and mutual enlightenment, will create more and better art! Miss world guan qi holding the learning attitude with you to explore the mystery of art, hope everybody can calm down and see the beauty in your life, eternal love. Professor Li He field made a wonderful explanation, he said small statue home of people always focus on the performance of the concept and thought of the time, and at any time and, on people's ideas will always be the forefront of that era, is always to communicate ideas. Carved with body image to express spirit, and body image is the real spirit. People rich form of expression, the various symbolic can become we perceive the world, an effective channel of feelings thoughts. Professor zhang has just been back from South Korea, then the plane arrived at the scene, thanks for this time of profound exhibition; Famous art curator Liu Pengsheng has been committed to love life, love life, art practice practice charity. Affinity for art, with beautiful carving solidification on the fashion and art. The exhibition will last until November 13.
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