Companies can't frequent gift promotions to cater to lower consumption

by:Ennas      2022-02-12

In the era of lower consumption, the promotional methods adopted by companies to cater to consumers tend to be more direct. For example, frequent buy-and-gift promotions. Therefore, in the face of constant pressure from consumers to seek profit, companies must adhere to the basic principles of the brand. In a sense, branding is a kind of persistence, especially when encountering difficulties in the market. On this basis, companies can carry out some packaging on the theme and form of gift promotion, and make some adjustments on the timing and occasion of the promotion.  Under the general environment of inflation, it is indeed not easy for companies to face the market pressure of lower consumption while bearing their own high costs. However, the more unfavorable the situation, the more rational analysis is required, and the calm response is. Neither can blindly hold high and lead to a decline in market sales, nor lose the company's market positioning and operating principles, and frequent gift promotions to cater to consumers' downward behavior. Only by adhering to the promotion principle of lowering prices and not lowering products, enterprises can flexibly implement gift promotion strategies and reduce market input. This is a good way to not only give consumers enough value, but also enable enterprises and businesses to maintain reasonable operating profits.  The continuous gift promotion of enterprises always inevitably increases dealers' investment and reduces their profit margins. Therefore, the promotion investment and expenses must be borne by the channel to ensure reasonable operating returns of the channel, and the brand strength cannot be used to pass on risks blindly. The promotion expenses related to the brand shall be borne by the manufacturers, and the expenses related to the direct sales increase shall be borne by the manufacturers, so as to establish a promotion investment mechanism of common sharing and benefit sharing.
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