Common sculpture making materials and the details that need to be considered when making them

by:Ennas      2022-02-21
Faced with all kinds of sculptures in life, different materials give people different feelings. Sculptures generally confirm the types of materials and designs used according to the application environment and the place. Below, Beijing Sculpture Company will introduce you to the common The sculpture making materials and the details that need to be considered when making them. 1. Common sculpture making materials 1. Metal material ①Metal sculptures are used in large and small sculptures due to their unique quality induction, and metal sculpture materials can be subdivided into stainless steel ( Commonly used are 304#, 201#, etc. according to demand), iron, aluminum, lead, copper (commonly used are bronze, brass, copper, etc.), aluminum and other materials. ②Stainless steel has been widely used in recent years In the sculpture, whether it is a small indoor stainless steel sculpture or a large outdoor sculpture, it can be used well. The material of stainless steel has good ductility, and the surface can be produced with various effects, such as mirror effect, wire drawing effect, sandblasting effect, spray paint Effect, etc.; ③Iron is used to make sculptures mostly because sculptors like the metal texture of iron and the effect of surface corrosion. Iron is not resistant to acids and alkalis and is easily corroded, so some important outdoor memorial images do not use iron for casting; ④ Aluminum and lead are lacking in the hardness of metals, and they are only used in some small sculptures, but their material texture beauty is very distinctive. ⑤Copper is a sculpture material with a long history and tradition, and it has good resistance. Acidity and alkalinity and firmness and metal ductility. Not only that, sculptors also like that it can be processed into a variety of colors, so that it can be used to enrich the language of the sculpture. But there is a drawback that the cost is too high. As a commercial sculpture, it can only be discouraged in many cases. 2, FRP material is a composite material of glass fiber and resin, also referred to as composite material in the industry. Because of its weather resistance, strong plasticity, high strength, and easy coloring, the surface is easy to be colored. It has been widely used in various fields, and fiberglass sculptures can be seen everywhere. Whether it is cartoon modeling, retro modeling, abstract and realistic sculptures, fiberglass can achieve the desired effect very well, and the cost is greatly reduced compared with metal sculpture. 3 , Timber Timber is one of the sculpture materials that sculptors love. There are many types of wood in our country, and there are many types of wood that can be used to make sculptures. As long as they are not cracked, deformed, or eaten by insects, they can be used, but harder wood Better 4. The more common stone is white marble. This kind of stone is white and delicate. It is a commonly used material when sculpting stone works. Palos, Naxos, Pentelli in Atiga, Greece Kushan produces a kind of marble, and Greek sculpture uses this kind of stone in large quantities. Second, some details to be considered when making sculptures 1. The theme is the overall design idea of u200bu200bthe sculpture, and the theme is generally determined according to the role of the sculpture. For example, if you want to reflect the positive and upward themes of the past, you can choose stainless steel sculptures to reflect, because such themes are generally not well represented by concrete physical sculptures, then you can use abstract expressions to create creations at this time. The theme is. Designed to be straight into the sky or slowly rising, the positive theme is abstracted out, so that it reaches me Our purpose. If it is to embody human history, or remember the martyrs, then it is advisable to use elephant objects or characters to express at this time. If the city where a famous historical figure has appeared, then the heroic deeds image sculpture shaped into that character is another It's a normal idea. 2. The environment environment mainly refers to the creation of sculptures that fit the environment around the location where it is placed. It is important to know that the matching environment is a more important factor in the design of sculptures. This needs to take into account the nearby buildings. Wait for the reference object. If the surrounding area is very open and you can't design the sculpture too delicately, then it must be made into a size that fits the surrounding environment to reflect the atmosphere. If it is a group or group sculpture, you must also consider the placement of the sculpture The degree of density. If it is at the entrance of the gate, it should be designed to feel condescending. This needs to be used in a specific environment. 3. The theme of the sculpture is determined, and the environment has been determined. I have reviewed it. The latter is the creativity when designing. A small idea can often attract people's attention. If it is all the same as the sculpture that holds up the sun of tomorrow, then it is considered to be more exquisite in design. No matter how high-end the material is, not many people would be willing to stop and take a closer look. Creativity is something that better reflects the level of the designer, and it is also the detail and core of a sculpture. The above is about the common sculpture materials and the things that need to be considered when making them. The detailed introduction, I hope it can help you.
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