Common materials for casting bronze sculptures and the casting process

by:Ennas      2022-02-20
Bronze sculpture is regarded as a form of sculpture with a long history in our country. Even in modern life, bronze sculptures can be seen everywhere. The materials used for bronze sculptures are different for different occasions. This has been passed down for thousands of years. Historical craftsmanship, I think everyone is more interested. Below, Beijing Sculpture Company will introduce to you the commonly used materials for cast bronze sculptures and the process of casting. 1. Several materials commonly used in cast bronze sculptures 1. Bronze bronze has some Good casting processing performance, strong acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for precision casting, stable coloring, bronze casting art is also an important branch of China's sculpture art; its main components are copper and tin, And contains a very small amount of aluminum and zinc. 2, brass brass, it has good casting processing performance and corrosion resistance, and stable coloring, suitable for precision casting; its main components are copper and zinc, and contain a very small amount The aluminum and tin. 3. Red copper Red copper is what we call pure copper, its plasticity is very good, it is very suitable for forging process, if you do not add other metals, it is not suitable for casting. Second, the process of casting copper sculpture 1. The process of bronze sculpture casting-modeling design first, the overall concept of the sculpture, the design of the drawings, and then the analysis based on the pattern of the cast bronze sculpture. 2. The process of casting bronze sculpture-the production of clay drafts according to the size of the design draft, Build the skeleton, shape the soil, and make a rough model according to the pattern to facilitate the shaping. The specific details and requirements can be carefully depicted on the clay. This process should consider the degree of realization, and then consider the overall effect. 3. Cast bronze sculptures Process-There are three kinds of molds for reworking molds: one is plaster, if it is not too complicated, the other is silica gel, if it is complicated, the other is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The specific mold used can be based on the specific situation To determine, because the process and cost of each mold are not used, the more important thing is the cost. 4. The process of casting bronze sculpture-casting paraffin wax After the mold is turned over, the molten paraffin wax is poured into the plaster mold that has been made Or silicone molds. After the paraffin is cooled and solidified, it becomes a wax model. 5. The process of casting copper sculptures -: shell manufacturing is divided into two categories: one is small parts or complex precision casting, the so-called precision The manufacturing is to wrap the wax mold with an exquisite quartz sand layer, and then use high temperature to burn the paraffin wax in the shell. The other is a resin sand box, which is generally suitable for simple, flat relief, large copper coins, and the back of copper Buddha statues. 6. Casting The process of bronze sculpture casting-the high temperature of casting converts copper into copper water and injects it into a good shell or sand box. 7. The process of casting bronze sculpture-polishing and cleaning the riser. 8. Casting bronze sculpture Process-splicing to combine the polished bronze sculptures into a complete whole. 9. The process of casting copper sculptures-cleaning the welds To meet the requirements of the design and production process, the welded parts of the stitched bronze sculptures have been treated to a limit. .10. The process of casting bronze sculptures-color processing is based on the customer's requirements or the specific circumstances of the sample design. Due to the different colors in different periods, the ancient colors are generally suitable for bronze, and the modern ones are generally suitable for the color of bronze. Is big A large number of cast bronze sculptures, either gilded or painted. 11. The process of casting bronze sculptures-oiling, sealing wax, oiling and sealing wax can make the cast bronze sculpture look new. The above is about copper casting. An introduction to the commonly used materials of sculpture and the casting process, I hope it can help you.
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