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by:Ennas      2022-01-03

Exhibition theme: 2018 Guangzhou International Children's Innovation Education Expo Exhibition time: March 17-19, 2018 Exhibition location: Guangzhou Pazhou Nan Fung International Convention and Exhibition Center last review as a barometer and weather vane for the children's education industry in South China and even the whole country , 2017 Guangzhou International Children’s Innovative Education Expo has been successfully concluded on March 18-20. The total exhibition area of u200bu200bthe last exhibition was 20,000 square meters, attracting a total of 53,279 visitors to visit and purchase. The participating brands in the past include: Sony, Dr. Le, Xiaoxinxing, Yishang, Maiqiaosi, Gewustein, Children's Garden, Youyouxiang, Makeblock, Education Union, Thigh Technology, Weistech, Small Building Blocks, Lepaite, McGao, Forest Industry, Zhiwei, Golden Vision, 360, Younuo, Lidou, Childcare, Sembo, Haring, Shinuo, Putao Technology, Amazin, Little Mavericks, Wei Xiaobao, Green Orange, Beimei, Zebra Rider, Sugar Cat and many other well-known brands . Overview of the exhibition Looking forward to 2018, with the opening of the policy, the number of newborns has increased exponentially, and the children's education market it brings is immeasurable. The new population will drive nearly one trillion yuan in market consumption in four to five years, and the proportion of children's consumption will increase. The improvement is undoubtedly detonating a new round of 'gold rush' for the children's market. Public data shows that adolescents and children under the age of 15 have reached nearly 400 million, and children's consumption expenditure has accounted for 25% of the entire family's income, and it is increasing at a rate of more than 9% every year. The 2018 Guangzhou International Children’s Innovation Education Expo is the only large-scale exchange platform in China that integrates products, technologies and supplies for children aged 3-15 and young people. The exhibition is scheduled to be held in Pazhou on March 17-19, 2018. It will invite domestic and foreign Leaders from all levels and types of primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, youth palaces, children's activity centers, education franchisees, education training institutions, distribution agents, channel vendors, education management departments, equipment departments, government procurement agencies, investors and other leaders attended the meeting to visit and purchase . The total exhibition area is expected to reach 30,000 square meters. With more than 800 exhibitors and 50,000 professional visitors, we will make every effort to create the highest level of children's innovative education industry event. On-site review of previous sessions Large scale: The total area of u200bu200bthis exhibition is 25,000 square meters, distributed in Halls L1, L2, and L3. Popularity: The 2017 exhibition received a total of 50,000 professional visitors in three days. [Exhibition scope] Maker education and curriculum STEM education and courses; robot education and courses, robot education joining, children's programming education, 3D printing equipment and applications, VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality and other application technologies, laboratory maker courses , Maker teaching aid products, maker space design, 3D maker classroom, virtual maker animation, etc.; Intellectual education educational toys: various puzzle toys, building blocks, children’s robots, puzzle products, manual DIY, etc.; children Quality education and training institutions (language learning training, happy mathematics, thinking skills training, artistic skills training, physical training, Chinese learning education, etc.); family education family libraries, companion robots, children's books, children's pianos, children's picture books, environmental intelligence and fun Toys, mobile APP software, original animation, parent-child interactive games, etc.; New media education for children and new media education (software): children's online education, remote classrooms, smart classrooms, multimedia education software, children's mobile phones, children's tablet computers, etc.; ◎New Media education equipment (hardware): teaching software, interactive classrooms, virtual teaching systems, intelligent classroom teaching systems, intelligent learning systems, electronic classrooms, multimedia teaching platforms, electronic schoolbags, micro-course recording equipment, cloud education service platforms, etc.; campus security Educational campus safety monitoring and informatization construction, safety education platform, children's safe transportation system, etc.; concurrent conferences: children create the future, children's maker education exchange summit; create for children, children's industry summit forum; 2018 maker education development forum; education Brand Merchants Franchise Conference Maker Robot Competition Concurrent Exhibition 2018 STEAM Maker Education and Quality Education Exhibition 2018 Guangzhou International Parent-Child Industry u0026 Children Training Organization Expo 2018 China Preschool Education Summit and the 4th Preschool Education Resources Expo 2018 Guangzhou Children's Art Education Industry Expo 2018 Guangzhou International Children’s Industry Fair [Children’s Fair] Online pre-registration in advance, easy to visit, one-handed grasp of the exhibition information 1. Successful pre-registration, go to the 'pre-registered audience' service desk at the exhibition site to directly redeem your visit card, avoiding queues for filling in the form Waiting 2. Each person will receive a copy of 'Guangzhou Children's Innovation Education Exhibition Conference Proceedings' worth 50 yuan on site (limited to the top 500 per day) 3. Listen to hot topics such as industry orientation, market trends, and technological frontiers through authoritative forums, and share Experience 4. Receive a free exquisite gift on site (limited to the top 500 per day) 5. Follow-up materials for exhibitions and conferences are given priority. Registration Channel Registration by phone: 020-28859952/18620032551 (Mr. Yuan) Registration on the official website: http://www.cpeexpo.cn Registration on WeChat: Follow the WeChat public account (oubishow) and click online registration!
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