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Exhibition theme: 2018 China Preschool Education Summit and the 4th Preschool Education Resources Expo Exhibition Time: March 17-19, 2018 Exhibition Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou Nan Fung International Convention and Exhibition Center last review Four days of Chinese preschool The Education Summit and Preschool Education Resources Expo ended successfully on March 20, Pazhou Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center, and 33 special topics including 'Kindergarten Features and Brand Building ForumThe report stated that the exhibition area reached 20,000 square meters, bringing together more than 280 preschool education companies and institutions, and 53,279 preschool education purchasers and principals participated in this event. It became the new product release of preschool education enterprises and the best event for the analysis of the new development of the industry, as the first year event. , Both the number of visitors and the effectiveness of the exhibition have achieved gratifying growth and recognition. Exhibitors also actively reflect that new and old customers come to the exhibition to consult and even confirm orders on the spot. The effect of the exhibition is remarkable. Overview of the exhibition Since its opening, the scale has been continuously expanded and the form has been continuously innovated. It has become an effective way for preschool education companies to expand channels and promote brand image, and its impact is profound and far-reaching. The 2018 Guangzhou Early Childhood Education Exhibition will be held from March 17 to 19, the first exhibition of the year. It will attract 50,000 people from all over the country, including early childhood education distributors, kindergarten investors and principals, local education associations, early education institutions, and education management departments. Create a national one-stop service project platform for preschool education. On-site review of previous sessions Large scale: The total area of u200bu200bthis exhibition is 25,000 square meters, distributed in Halls L1, L2, and L3. Popularity: The 2017 exhibition received a total of 50,000 professional visitors in three days. Exhibits join preschool education: join kindergarten, preschool education institution training center, early education institution, early education center, music, games, swimming, soldier ball, chess, roller skating, dance, English, art, taekwondo, robots, Chinese studies, handicrafts and other institutions Joined toy teaching aids: educational toys, preschool toys, building blocks, puzzles, desktop toys, handmade toys, clay pottery, color clay, corner toys, physical education toys, sensory integration equipment, etc. Kindergarten courses: comprehensive courses in five fields, nursery courses , Preschool courses, music courses, art courses, manual courses, game courses, robots, education courses, left and right brain development courses, science courses, English courses, Chinese studies courses, early education products, kindergarten interest classes, etc. Kindergarten supplies: Kindergarten desks, chairs and beds , Bookshelves, cup holders, wardrobes, toy cabinets, furniture, garden clothes, bedding, tableware, children's warm water heaters and other amusement equipment: kindergarten slides, children's playgrounds, inflatable amusement equipment, children's game racks, combined toys and other electronics Products: Kindergarten all-in-one machines, electronic whiteboards, multimedia, children’s animation, tablet learning machines, reading pens, early education machines, intelligent educational robots, children’s smart wearables, child positioning systems, AR/VR learning entertainment equipment and other products. Peripheral logistics: school buses and Supporting equipment, kitchen equipment, air-conditioning equipment, air purifiers, cleaning facilities products, kindergarten security and monitoring equipment and other decoration design: decoration engineering, materials, equipment, early education institution design, kindergarten design, environmental creation, flooring, floor mats, Artificial Turf Concurrent Conference China International Preschool Education Summit National Early Childhood Education Product Release and Distributor Development Conference China Children’s Art Quality Education Summit Forum National Maker Education Development Summit Forum Concurrent Exhibition 2018 Children’s Art Quality Education Expo 2018 Guangzhou International Children’s Industry Expo 】2018 Guangzhou International Maker Education Fair Obtain a visit card to avoid waiting in line for filling out forms on the spot 2. Each person will receive a copy of 'Guangzhou Preschool Education Exhibition Conference Proceedings' worth 50 yuan on site (limited to the top 500 per day) 3. Listen to industry orientation, market trends, and market trends through authoritative forums Sharing experience on hot topics such as cutting-edge technology. 4. Receive a free exquisite gift on site (limited to the top 500 per day) 5. Follow-up materials for exhibitions and conferences are given priority. Registration channel Phone registration: 020-28859952/18620032551 (Mr. Yuan) Web version: WeChat version: Follow the WeChat public account (CPEEXPO) and click online registration!
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