Clay sculpture and folk custom _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-20
Core clew: about clay sculpture, across the country have different folk customs, with many touching legend story, these constitute the kernel spirit of clay sculpture art. Folk clay sculpture USES mainly qi son of clay sculpture, across the country have different folk customs, with many touching legend story, these constitute the kernel spirit of clay sculpture art. The primary USES of the folk clay sculpture son praying to prolong life, fortune plutus, evil evil, and decorative decoration, etc. Nuwa made man in China's ancient mythology, are nuwa with Huang Heli clay model. Nuwa legend magical talent people place in henan huaiyang, locals say nuwa to aunt 'human face', and built the temple, 'people'. Takes place on the second day of the 2nd lunar month of the year, huaiyang temple, 'people', are different from other local temple fair, the huaiyang temple, 'people' on the display and sale of a magic clay sculpture called 'mud mud dog'. These clay modelling, colour is antique, local old actor said, 'mud mud dog' craft they do is handed down from aunt 'human face' nuwa. Anthropologists believe that 'mud mud dog' related to ancient totem, is to this most ancient samples of the clay sculpture and early central plains culture and art. Holiday toys clay sculpture of low cost, less work, is people to popular art form, it often contact together and festivals, etiquette and custom. Clay sculpture art development in the song dynasty, not only religious subjects big Buddha continue to prosper, small clay toy is developed. There are many people who specialize in clay figurine making, sold as a commodity. According to records, hangzhou is the song dynasty plastic clay prevails, products for more mud dolls, known as the 'drink'. According to folklore, grinding the drink is the Buddha sakyamuni in which the wei-guo luo is unsatisfying when the sons of his own, adult monk, with father together, become one of the 18 arhats. On July 7th, not only the ordinary people to buy back 'the needlework', dignitaries and buy back to play. ChunNiu 'mud like' and 'mud' southern song dynasty capital city hangzhou, still visible to a clay sculpture of the elephant, and the size of a clay doll is regarded as god beast. Mud like results from south of the royal family worship ceremony. Southern song dynasty held every three years the jiao offering gift, honor guard by the Vietnam tribute to the elephant as the leading, watch the elephant is a pleasure of people at that time the rehearsal, so the clay sculpture elephant arises at the historic moment. Ghosts, other god like mud, mud, mud, mud poultry beast, mud, mud, fruit, etc. , most of the children to play, there are also display as a desk. Wuxi ChunNiu 'mud' and nuo beliefs. The southern song dynasty hangzhou has 'whip spring' ceremony, the spring day, led by Lin magistrate, hand-held color bullwhip, in 'cow' ( Clay cows) On beating three times, as a symbol of spring began, known as the 'DaChun', meaning embody receded, rising sun be the spirit, vientiane update. Before, during and after the spring begins in the streets have small clay cattle to sell, give each other between neighborhoods, is seen as a good harvest and animals thriving mascot. Temple painted statues of painted sculpture statues in the temple is an important part of China clay sculpture. Means more religious sculptures for Buddhism, Taoism, local deities, monumental character, myths and folklore, among them with buddhist images for the mainstream. The late western han dynasty, Buddhism spread to China, the western artists on the basis of inheriting traditional statues, and absorb the essence of Indian small sculpture art, make the statue arts of Chinese and foreign organic union. The ideal of are lifelike, described the Buddha. Dunhuang mogao grottoes sculptures preserved, northern wei wei, their, sui, tang and five dynasties, song and xixia and yuan dynasties statues of more than 3000, including more than 2000 round statue of Buddha, plastic wall reliefs 1000 Buddha, Buddha, bodhisattva, disciple, pop and guinness, adopt clay sculpture, coloured drawing or pattern to pinch, plastic, stickers, pressure, forming, cutting, carving and other traditional skills with dots, dyeing, ShiCai brush, painting, stroke and other methods. The tang dynasty is the peak of Chinese painted sculpture statues. The Buddha temple sanshi province painted sculpture, plastic realistic cloud thickens, make elegant, graceful, proportion, facial fat, slim and hands, show the feminine look, is the treasure of the Chinese painted sculpture. Shanxi pingyao county name of more than 2000 statue of Buddha sculptures, different attitude, unique style. Jiangsu suzhou zijin temple in the 18 arhats statue, far see suspected silk, looking nearly is painted sculpture is known. Shaanxi kai shuilu temple wall plastic Buddhism story, grand scenes, rich in content, work carefully.
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