Clay figurine master concerns stunt lost _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-12
Core tip: a piece of black mud, by the hand of the YuXiangLian became a spiritual thing. One alive person a piece of black mud, mud, in the hands of YuXiangLian became a spiritual thing. One of the lifelike mud came blank characters; In a twinkling, doors of ghost, stolen immortality, drum called cao, broken bridge meet, such as opera classic scene is lifelike, part of the moment is adept skills congealed, onlookers wishers. On January 28, by the southeast university, Taiwan han sound magazine, China folk art institute and masterminded the huishan wuxi city folk art museum exhibition of China millennium monument in Beijing, this is one of the biggest since the founding of new China folk clay figurine art exhibition. In a month during the exhibition, different historical period of the 300 pieces of clay figurine boutique will vividly display: 'hand knead operas' the development of the folk art and unique charm. The TaoAn dream have the earliest record of hyesan huishan is located in the western suburbs in wuxi city, jiangsu province, is a jiangnan ancient town with a history of more than two thousand years. But bread as huishan, this is even the locals said things don't understand. In 1998, is dedicated to collecting and sorting of Chinese traditional folk culture of Taiwan han sound magazine to look to the huishan. They hope through the study of Chinese folk culture and publishing, efforts to build 'of Chinese traditional folk culture gene pool'. The sound of han head Huang Yongsong is one of the exhibition planners. In when it comes to the historical origin of huishan, he says, huishan folk although there is a child fell beast, or the sun bin, Liu Ji clay legend, but both WuShiJu. Bowl bowl, cargo, such as clay figurine, is one of the earliest recorded to huishan. Not only become a mountain man, became a familiar figure outgoing tourists. Huishan can be divided into deities as three categories, coarse goods, fine goods. Deities like more is a traditional folk auspicious deity; Coarse goods most of children's toys, such as Alfred, floret lui, silkworm cats. Such as kunqu opera, Peking Opera, tanhuang opera popular in local, the mud people have hit a 'hand knead operas' this unique art varieties, the drama art 'with virtual reality, to Jane with numerous,' by god folk expression into the clay sculpture, as the most representative of plot, characters, and action, frames in the opera classic moment, gradually become the mainstream of fine goods. From a teacher, have their own inheritance in river han sound studio is located in the northwest of dam, the reporter saw a detailed huishan clay people from table. Huang Yongsong said, huishan can spread more than four hundred years, and developed into a unique system, can be summarized as a simple sentence: 'from a teacher, have their own heritage. Han sound magazine since 1998, to find a partner YuXiangLian huishan molded plastic, painted, Wang Naxian two masters, clay figurine making process to each record, edit sort out three thousand working procedure and clay, coloured drawing or pattern technique, will the huishan's making systematic and theoretical. Huang Yongsong said, huishan as a local handicraft industry, in the late qing dynasty has the spontaneous organization of industry organization 'play goods ccba', there are clear terms of protection of rights and interests of various art teacher's original works, and is found that the earliest handicraft industry association in our country at present. Old actor fall to newcomers lack due to the lack of protection, the old artists increasingly withered, the traditional manual mill is gradually replaced by a mould processing, so that huishan appears the good and evil people mixed up. In the following market, everywhere can see excellent handicrafts are concealed in rough texture, collection of tourism commodity, is difficult to identify. And, the most representative of traditional operas clay figurine would have less popular in the market, Wang Naxian said. 'a lot of people like to buy those with modern style or festive and auspicious clay figurine. 'Said YuXiangLian, are willing to learn the craft of young people less. 'We took the disciples are retired, it is hard to find a young man to take over, because I have no way to give him the diploma, this line would be lonely and poor, so the fate of huishan and kunqu opera, almost don't know when will disappear.
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