Clay figurine Korea heir: my grandma to Lord rabbit rabbit son _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-12
Core tip: - — Visit to the fourth generation successor Mr Han Baocai clay figurine Korea filed a clay figurine, tianjin 'clay figurine zhang' is a household name, but in Beijing you and me, who knows just the same in our lives - — During his visit to the fourth generation successor Mr Han Baocai clay figurine Korea filed a clay figurine, tianjin 'clay figurine zhang' is a household name, but in the capital, you and me who know we live in a same city, there is a clay figurine in the tradition of the fourth generation family 'clay figurine Korea'? Held in early may in Beijing international trade center 'of the eighth national toy exhibition' on, automobil toy web editor of lucky enough to meet the 'clay figurine Korea' descendants of the fourth generation - — Mr Han Baocai. Clay figurine Korea the fourth generation successor Mr Han Baocai automobil toy nets: you're a clay figurine family, see introduction to say to you on this generation is the fourth generation? Han Baocai: yeah, my family first, I too grandfather generation is the manchus set a white flag, when the royal cancel salary, for a living, so we have to pinch a little clay figurine. Is holding the play he was at the beginning, then make a living, pinch some stuff to sell to the market, money, so the formation of the first generation; The second generation is the generation of my grandpa, is also inherited to do three knife horse people skills, subject matter from the 'three kingdoms; To the third generation, the generation, my father Han Zengqi in his first two generation of knife horse people, on the basis of the line and he made 360 Beijing folk things such as; To my generation, but also on the basis of my father has some development, I prefer to do some traditional, more popular things, such as 12 zodiac, Lord rabbit model, also began to do some more high-end collection of folk, drama characters, as Beijing big scenes like fairy tales. Toys made the Monkey King of clay sculpture scene of automobil Han Baocai net: there are many schools of clay figurine, all have this kind of folk art form, what is the subtle differences between them? Han Baocai: around the style of the clay sculpture clay figurine, Beijing clay figurine is straightforward freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, pay attention to the expression vividly. Beijing clay modelling is different from the southern clay figurine, like wuxi phooey, creation technique is exquisite, the north of Alfred is more straightforward freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, style and huishan clay is not the same as the people's congress (NPC). Tianjin clay figurine zhang clay modelling is vivid; Shaanxi, henan zhongyuan region clay sculpture for the most part is of primitive simplicity, subjects mostly on wishes, flasher, evil, etc. Function. We (asaps clay figurine features is given priority to with freehand brushwork. Clay figurine on the material around the automobil toy network: what's the difference? Basic Han Baocai: on the material is same, all use of cement, named 'small sculpture mud', but the color is different, a gray soil in the south, the north of the soil is usually yellow. Automobil toy network: the north and the south have differences in clay figurine of colour paint? Han Baocai: around the initial use of pigments are natural mineral pigments, use are poster colour now. My clay figurine works are using poster colour, sometimes also used some of the more advanced 'acrylic paint, its advantage is not afraid of water, the disadvantage is that, using the' acrylic paint 'clay figurine, traditional taste is somewhat weak, like a poster colour tinting clay figurine, basic no luster, looks simple, and use' acrylic 'coloring clay figurine, is full of contemporary feeling, but is not easy to fade. Automobil toys, clay figurine how to save, will in the long run dry? Han Baocai: long time will not crack, at the time of making PI tire, the drying shrinkage of stage, if there is no crack, dry after won't crack. Because it has set a model. Save the time as long as to avoid the damp environment, keep dry. Automobil toy nets: traditional clay figurine of the current market demand? Han Baocai: now my clay figurine is main or sale in domestic market, in recent years, along with the improvement of living standards, everyone would agree folk craft work, like the annual temple fair, and some traditional festivals, the sale of clay figurine is quite good. Automobil toy nets: have you clay figurine batch production of export? Han Baocai: some foreign customers in small batches in some of my goods, but the quantity are not very big. Because private things are all handmade, no large batch, small batch to do only. If mass production, also lost folk flavor. Automobil toys, in addition to these traditional folk, drama, clay figurine, every year there are new works come out for you? Han Baocai: I introduced some special products every year, like this year is the year of the dog, I will do some more about Chinese zodiac dog clay sculpture, next year is pig year, I will do more of the modelling of several groups of pigs, according to the market, according to the requirements to produce new products. As Lord rabbit, Lord rabbit is a traditional, I gave him the innovation, coupled with a rabbit grandma. People usually pay attention to and full, some old asked me 'how no rabbit grandma? 'And so, I will add a deer to Lord rabbit side grandma, it is innovation. Lord rabbit and hare son grandma Han Baocai make
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