Classification of stone sculptures and the steps of carving

by:Ennas      2022-02-21
Compared with sculptures made of other materials, stone sculptures are more artistic and have high ornamental value. The classification of sculptures is generally distinguished by their different sculpture techniques. Below, Beijing Sculpture Company will introduce you to sculptures Classification and the steps of sculpture. 1. Classification of sculpture 1. Round sculpture is also called three-dimensional sculpture, which refers to non-compressed three-dimensional sculpture that can be appreciated from multiple directions and angles. It is the overall expression of art on the sculpture, stone sculpture It needs to be carved from six sides in an all-round way, so that the viewer can see all sides of the object from different angles. 2. Relief is the product of the combination of sculpture and painting. It is a kind of sculpture that engraves concave and convex images on a flat surface. It is an artistic form of expression between round carving and painting. 3. Line carving is usually carved with Yin or Yang as a modeling method, but stone sculptures are mainly carved by Yin line, so it is also called sinking carving. The method absorbs traditional brushwork such as Chinese painting and meaning, overlap, and line modeling scatter perspective. After the stone is polished and polished, the pattern text is traced, and then the lines are engraved according to the diagram. The thickness of the lines is used to reflect the three-dimensional effect using shadows. Most of the products are used for the decoration of the outer wall surface of the building and have a strong artistic quality. 4. Shadow carving is a new type of stone sculpture technology. It is a solid color stone (usually black), first polished on the surface, and then According to the imaging principle of black and white light and shade, small points of different size, depth, and density are cut out with sharp tools, and the patterns are represented by different black levels like early black and white photos. However, with the development of technology, now Colored shadow carvings have also appeared. Second, the carving steps of the sculpture 1. Use a square-head steel chisel to roughen the stone, and this technology can also be used for the original stone. Method: holding the square-head steel chisel and the stone An angle of about 40 degrees is formed on the surface. Then use a 2 pound hammer to hit the steel chisel in a steady and even back and forth motion to form parallel lines on the surface of the stone. Tool: stone hammer. 2. Rough the stone and start carving with stone The chisel carving form, this technology can also be used for the original state of the stone. Method: Make the chisel hammer carve shape, this technique can also be used for the original state of the stone. Method: Make the surface of the stone hammer form a uniform concave 3. Polishing tools: pneumatic grinder, compressor and diamond grit grinding disc. 4. Rough processing the stone, and then use a stone hammer and stone chisel tool to polish the surface smooth and plastic. Method: use a pneumatic grinder to surface For processing, the grinder is equipped with a centralized water feed to wash away the residue. The diamond sand abrasive disc is used in order of decreasing particle size to obtain the required finish. The above is about the classification of sculptures and their carvings. The introduction of the steps, I hope it can help you.
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