Classification and Significance of Stainless Steel Sculpture in Campus

by:Ennas      2022-02-17
We can see all kinds of sculptures everywhere in our lives. Among them, campus stainless steel sculptures are a relatively common one. For campus stainless steel sculptures, people may still have a little understanding of it. Let me introduce the classification of campus stainless steel sculptures. And its significance. 1. Classification of campus stainless steel sculptures 1. According to the form of expression, it can be divided into concrete figure statues and abstract figure statues. The concrete figure statues are based on concrete figures, including historical figures, revolutionary martyrs, leaders, scientists, etc. , FRP sculptures such as statues of great men in many colleges, and sculptures of scientists Edison, Einstein, Newton, etc. in some colleges, abstract figure statues do not involve any specific characters, but are based on conceptual characters as the theme to highlight the learning on campus. Atmosphere. 2. According to the function, it can be divided into iconic figure statues, thematic figure statues, decorative figure statues, and the iconic figure statues as the logo of a certain area. The choice of the theme should be closely related to the area, and has a profound origin and relationship. The plot is incomprehensible, and the shape has an original concept, which not only meets the needs of the theme, but also has a clear visual image and high artistic value. The statues of Mao Zedong from Hunan University, etc., thematic figure statues are based on specific character content, sculpture production allusions, and legends as clues, reflecting certain cultural characteristics.This kind of figure statues are more commemorative themes and are represented by realistic techniques, such as many colleges and universities. Set up statues for the principals or leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the establishment and construction of the school. Decorative figure statues are usually decorated with character statues as large spaces, free and soft to create a humanized environment space. 3. Click one The number of theme statues can be divided into single statues and composite statues. A single statue is a theme, a character, a composite statue is a theme, and two or more character statues, such as the statue of Confucius, many colleges and universities Confucius is a single body Character statues, while South China Normal University is composed of Confucius and his two disciples as a composite statue, the campus teachings of Renmin University of China, and the entrustment of Xiamen University Century are all in the form of group sculptures. 2. The meaning of campus stainless steel sculpture 1. Campus stainless steel sculpture is an atmosphere , A spiritual campus culture is the soul of school development. It is an important manifestation of uniting people, showing the school image, and improving the level of school civilization. Campus culture has a profound and profound impact on students' outlook on life and values, and this impact is often Unmatched by any curriculum. A healthy, progressive, and rich campus culture is permeable, persistent, and selective in the formation of students' character, which is useful for improving students' humanistic and moral qualities, broadening the horizons of students, and cultivating cross-century talents. Profound significance. 2. The construction of stainless steel sculptures on campus can greatly enhance the cultural taste of the school. Ancient people say, near Zhu Zhechi, near Mo Zhehe. A philosopher once said: What is really valuable to students is the environment around him. The school appearance and appearance of the school shows the value orientation of the overall spirit of the school. It is the source of education with a powerful guiding function. The healthy growth of the school has a huge impact. The goal of campus culture construction is to create an atmosphere to cultivate students’ sentiment, build a healthy personality, and comprehensively improve the quality of students. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of campus culture and give full play to the school teachers and students on campus. The main role in cultural construction is to build a campus culture system built by all employees. It is necessary to establish a sense of campus culture for all employees, from school leaders to every teacher, student and employee to pay attention to and participate in the construction of campus culture. Campus culture The important role in the process of achieving training goals in colleges and universities determines that it does not rely solely on the efforts of a certain department within the school to receive its due effect, it is related to all aspects of the school's work. 3. The campus stainless steel sculpture is a comprehensive school The reflection of strength The construction of campus culture includes the construction of school material culture, spiritual culture and institutional culture. The comprehensive and coordinated development of these three aspects will establish a complete cultural image for the school. Campus culture is the comprehensive strength of a school According to the reflection, the core competitiveness of campus culture is mainly manifested in the cohesion and creativity of culture. The campus culture can give teachers and students independent personality and independent spirit, and encourage teachers and students to continuously reflect and surpass the above content. You brought an introduction about the classification and significance of campus stainless steel sculptures, and I hope it can help you.
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