Classification and function of garden stainless steel sculpture

by:Ennas      2022-02-18
We can see all kinds of sculptures everywhere in our lives. Among them, garden stainless steel sculptures are a relatively common one. For garden stainless steel sculptures, people may still have a little understanding of it. Let me introduce the classification of garden stainless steel sculptures. 1. Classification of garden stainless steel sculptures 1. Monumental sculptures: commemorate historical figures or events, such as the group portrait of martyrs at Yuhuatai in Nanjing, the portrait of Lu Xun in Shanghai Hongkou Park, etc. 2. Thematic sculptures: express certain thematic content, such as Wuyang, the city emblem of Guangzhou, and the Moshou girl of Mochou Lake in Nanjing, etc. 3. Decorative sculptures: a wide range of subjects, characters, animals, plants, and utensils can be used as themes, such as the Shengchun Scenic Area of u200bu200bQuchi, Ritan Park, Beijing The flying swans and the images of athletes, children and animals in the gardens of various places. The above content is the introduction to the practical significance of stainless steel sculptures and the design steps brought to you by the Beijing sculpture manufacturer. I hope it can help you. Second, the role of garden stainless steel sculpture 1. Expressing garden theme Stainless steel garden sculpture is often the main way to express the theme of the garden. Use sculpture art to express the theme that cannot be specifically expressed by garden art. 2. Embellish and decorate the environment stainless steel garden sculpture Among them, there is also a part of decorative sculptures. It is reflected in garden decoration. It is often unimplicitly pursued the external beauty of appendages. It is meticulously crafted and exquisite, which enriches the overall aesthetic content of the garden from the details. In order to decorate the environment, you can also combine sculptures and waterscapes to form a beautiful picture. 3. Other functions are often provided in the park with some services. The use of sculpture's performance techniques not only has a beautiful shape, but also satisfies its use. Functions. Such as flower pots, fruit bins, lamp posts, seats, and large children’s toys in the park. In addition, some sculptures are standing at the entrance of the park, combined with other scenery, can also play a certain role in indicating. Beijing Sculpture Company is A comprehensive sculpture manufacturer engaged in sculpture design, production and installation. It is committed to diversified urban sculptures such as glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, cast sculpture, forged sculpture, relief sculpture, rockery and plastic stone, figure sculpture, spiritual fortress, etc. The design and production of garden sculptures, landscape sculpture products and the installation and production of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture manufacturers and stainless steel sculptures are dedicated to providing you with high-quality and all-round sculpture production design and price quotation services for glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures and stainless steel sculptures.
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