CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair News | 2020 Goodbaby's new black technology products are eye-opening

by:Ennas      2021-12-16

With the state's support and promotion of major technological projects such as 5G and artificial intelligence, smart maternal and child products are bound to be welcomed by the market. Among the many smart maternal and infant products launched by Goodbaby Group in 2020, innovative breakthroughs have been achieved in smart nurturing, smart sleeping, smart feeding, and smart pregnancy monitoring, and smart sleeping bags based on baby crying, and innovative baby sleeping bag temperature intelligence Induction...Which one of them will become the star explosion in 2020? Baby sleeping bags incorporate thermo-humidity technology to intelligently monitor the baby's body temperature and reduce the risk of colds. For the pain points of parenting that are not easy to detect when the baby's body temperature is abnormal, Goodbaby launched the intelligent thermo-hygroscopic sleeping bag, equipped with The temperature intelligent sensor technology uses special high-tech molecular materials on the surface of the clothes, and is processed by a heat conduction process to achieve the effect of high temperature fading and low temperature development. When the baby's body temperature is normal, the printed pattern on the surface of the clothing is very clear. When the baby's body temperature exceeds 38 degrees, the color of the pattern changes from dark to light or even disappears. By observing the changes in the pattern on the surface of the clothes, you can find out whether the baby's body temperature is abnormal. At the same time, Goodbaby also launched a series of smart wet-changing products based on intelligent wet-changing sleeping bags. Using water energy sensing technology, when the baby sweats a lot, the fabric will appear Gb pattern when wet, and it can be wet in one direction at the same time. Good air permeability, and clothes that are close to your baby's skin can dry quickly and quickly, so you don't have to worry about your baby catching a cold due to sweating. The baby cradle incorporates intelligent voice control technology, the sleeping artifact automatically controls the swing, freeing parents' hands. In response to the sleeping problem of newborn parents during the parenting process, the Goodbaby Science and Technology Research Institute has innovated and developed the 'intelligent sleeping artifact'. This 'intelligent voice-activated portable baby cradleAt the same time, this product adopts dual-mode control of mobile phone APP and smart switch, which can be intelligent or manually control the swing range of the cradle. The product also uses a portable design, light and easy to carry, can be carried around. The smart breast pump integrates Bluetooth technology and intelligently manages breast pumping solutions to make breastfeeding easier. In order to solve the breastfeeding problem of the new generation of parents, Goodbaby has innovated and developed a smart breast pump, which monitors and records breast pumping in real time through Bluetooth networking technology The data in the process simultaneously imitates the baby's sucking state, smoothly switching between high-frequency breastfeeding and low-frequency breastfeeding, so that the breasts can secrete milk faster. The APP of this product comes with a complete computing system, which can record the duration and volume of each pumping, intelligently manage the pumping plan, and make breastfeeding easier for mothers. At the same time, in order to better adjust the temperature of breast milk, Goodbaby's thermostatic milk regulator can quickly adjust milk in 30 seconds through a high-quality temperature control system, greatly surpassing traditional milk regulators, and strictly control the temperature at 35°C-95°C. And its intelligent memory function eliminates the trouble of resetting and helps the new generation of parents to raise their children intelligently. The smart fetal heart rate monitor integrates pulse technology, the cloud platform analyzes the fetal condition, and the newborn parents prepare for pregnancy more worry-free. In response to the various anxiety of pregnant women during pregnancy, and the current situation where there are fewer customized products for pregnant women on the market, Goodbaby has developed a smart fetus Heart monitor. This fetal heart rate monitor uses pulse technology and is extremely sensitive. The fetus can hear smooth and delicate fetal heart sounds in only 9 weeks. At the same time, TX-RX single-chip pulse wave technology greatly increases the fetal heart detection area, reduces the angle requirements of the instrument, and can quickly and accurately find the fetal heart. All monitoring data will be presented through the app, and the cloud platform will obtain and integrate the data to analyze the fetal condition, and there will be zero radiation and zero noise during the entire monitoring process, which will not cause any harm to the fetus. About CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair: CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair coincides with CTE China Toy Fair, CPE China Early Childhood Education Fair, and CLE China Authorized Fair, focusing on displaying new products from more than 30 overseas countries and regions, as well as characteristic enterprises in 20 major domestic production areas , New technologies, new designs and new trends. Different from similar industry exhibitions, CKE China Baby u0026 Children's Show model innovation, based on B2B, the first B2B2C model, within 5 days, brand companies can not only receive orders from global channels, but also get close contact with end consumers to achieve a new marketing model. Retail transformation; in addition, the focus of this year's exhibits has shifted to 'non-standard products' to help the maternal and infant system get rid of the status quo of homogenized competition and create new profit growth points. The 2020 CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair will be held as scheduled, October 21-23, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. For companies and buyers to register for visits, please log on to the official website of CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair.
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