CKE China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition visit registration opens, high-quality resources empower maternal and child stores

by:Ennas      2021-12-25

'Everyone thinks that maternity and baby shops make a lot of money, but they don’t know how difficult it is to operate a maternity and baby shop. Sometimes it’s really hard to sleep in the middle of the night and wonder how the profit can go up. I also made an appointment to visit last year and I benefited a lot this year. The situation has changed again, and I still want to come back to learn more!'. Ms. Zhao is the manager of a large chain store for mothers and babies in Shanghai. She told us this when she made an appointment to visit and register for the CKE China Baby Show. As Ms. Zhao said, under the diversion of the e-commerce economy, the physical crisis has hit all walks of life, forcing physical stores of maternal and baby products to seek new outlets amidst difficulties. Maternal and child stores suffer from 'channel painMany maternal and child store operators have experienced the 'channel pain'. They have visited various wholesale markets but do not know how to choose a maternal and child product wholesaler. After layer-by-level distribution, the purchase cost is inflated and the profit margin is severely compressed. There are several maternity and baby stores on a commercial street. There is no channel advantage, no cost advantage. Whatever you can do to win price wars and marketing wars, it’s a matter of minutes, so I pre-registered for the most important task of CKE China Baby Show Just to find the source of goods,' Ms. Zhao stated the original intention of many maternal and child store operators. Categories can attract customers, and maternal and child stores rely on quality to retain customers. In the maternal and child industry, there is a saying 'If the quality control switch is not done well, the life of the maternal and child store cannot be extended'. , If the product is not updated in time, you may lose customers. Whether you are a large maternal and child chain store or a small couples self-operated store, in order to retain more customers, you need to expand the product coverage. Doing a good job of category research is only the first step. To truly capture customers, we still need to look at quality. Maternal and child products are different from other daily necessities, and their quality requirements are very high. Therefore, parents in the Z era generally give priority to physical store consumption. This is also the reason why maternal and child stores are still booming in the e-commerce era. With the upgrading of consumption, nine After 1995, they gradually became the main force of maternal and child consumption. Their consumption concept is simple and clear, 'Give the best to the child, not bad!To properly control the quality of maternal and child stores, it is necessary to connect with big brands. This year's CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair continues the advantages of previous exhibitions and strictly controls the brand quality. First-class brands at home and abroad will participate in the exhibition, including gb Goodbaby, Pigeon, Kangbei, etc., and you can connect with high-quality brands on site and firmly grasp the hearts of customers. . Visiting appointment registration is in progress, grabbing a new height for the development of maternal and child stores. On October 21-23, 2020, CKE China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition will open at the Shanghai New International Expo. At the same time, CTE China Toy Fair, CPE China Preschool Education Fair and CLE China are authorized The exhibition will be held. The site will bring together 2,700 well-known brand companies from around the world. In addition to massive brand resources, the exhibition will also set up a product area, launch new brands, display new products, open up new ideas, and set up a procurement docking area, a trend new product display area, etc. Quickly connect with partners to communicate and negotiate, and provide channel guarantee, product support and information sharing for the development of mother and baby stores. At present, the pre-registration for visits to the CKE China Baby and Child Fair is underway. Major maternal and child product agents, maternal and child stores, department stores, mainstream e-commerce and other channels at home and abroad have completed pre-registration, and they are determined to visit the site and negotiate. Brand agency cooperation. Now log on to the official website of CKE China Baby u0026 Children Expo (, click to visit the pre-registration online, and buyers who have completed the pre-registration will have exclusive VIP privileges and more surprises look forward to your arrival.
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