CKE China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition intensively cultivates exhibition business and promotes the efficient development of supplies companies

by:Ennas      2021-11-23

A few days ago, the China Toys and Baby Products Association released the full text of the 'White Paper on the Development of China's Toys and Baby Products Industry (2018)'. Statistics show that the retail scale and export volume of my country's major baby products have both increased last year and the results have been gratifying. However, with the changes in social scenes and parenting awareness, consumer demand is no longer the original rough buying, but more diversified and more quality. Therefore, for baby products companies, how to more actively meet the needs of consumers has become an important breakthrough for the development of the company. In response to this, this year's CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair has made adjustments and improvements to help the efficient development of baby products through multi-channel buyer organization, multi-form brand empowerment, and multi-level event planning. As the world's leading professional trading platform for baby and child products, CKE China Baby and Child Fair is positioned as 'internationalIt is October 16-18, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Baby products companies participating in the exhibition will be able to enjoy many benefits. Real one-stop contact with domestic and overseas omni-channel buyers, lower cost and more complete partners Distributors and department stores, chain channel dealers, etc. Domestic buyers cover more than 500 cities in 31 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country, covering provincial and municipal agents, supermarkets, shopping centers, mother and baby chains, e-commerce platforms, and online shops and other major channel buyers. Every year, Beijing Bairong, Shijiazhuang Jinzheng, Linyi Yongxing Toy City, Wuhan Hanzheng Street, Yiwu International Commodity City, Guangzhou Wanling, Kunming Luojiawan, Xi’an Daniel and other key markets across the country gather provincial and municipal agents to visit; at the same time, Beijing Department stores such as New China, Scitech, Xidan, Parkson, Lufthansa Friendship Mall, Shanghai Baodaxiang, Nanjing Hexi Jiaye, Wuhan Hanshang, Wuxi Maoye, Liaoning Duoduotong and other department stores, Wal-Mart, RT-Mart, China Resources Vanguard, Yong Wang, Carrefour, Century Lianhua, Carrego and other large supermarkets came to choose new brands; Leyou, Kidswant, R Us, Xiyangyang, Biaoya, Mishi, Guzi, Dumbo, Baby Room, Baby Island, Beibei Beixiong, Dengkang, Aiqin, mothercare, motherwork and other mother and baby chains, various e-commerce companies, such as Tmall, JD, Gome, Suning, Netease Yanxuan, etc., big V, such as Xiaoxiaobao Mama, Cui Yutao’s education The school and Uncle Kai's storytelling also showed up. Last year, the number of professional buyers reached 50,083. Safety Commitment Brands, Star Suppliers and other multiple labels, empowering brands to expand the Global Market Association as an authoritative third-party industry organization, in order to create a fair market competition environment, let outstanding brands stand out, in 2013, launched the 'Caring for Children’s Growth, Safety starts with me-brand self-discipline in China' activity. The company participates in the brand self-discipline in China, becomes a safety commitment brand, allows the society to supervise and gains market recognition, demonstrates product quality and safety to consumers, highlights product differentiation, promotes product sales, and enhances brand image and popularity. At the same time, in order to recommend China's most high-quality and experienced suppliers to international buyers, help Chinese high-quality suppliers expand the international market, and win the trust of buyers, the association also launched the 'Star Supplier' program. As an endorsement of the identity of export-oriented manufacturers, the Association provides accurate overseas promotion services for them. Companies can pass 'quality' certification, gain the trust of global channel buyers, and obtain more business opportunities. CKE China Baby Show and other international brand exhibitions, with a dazzling array of star supplier logos, strengthen the confidence of international buyers in purchasing. Diversified publicity, special matchmaking, one-time participation and full-year precision service. CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair has accumulated rich media resources and marketing experience, and continuously integrated online and offline channels throughout the year, including: outdoor, industry websites, Magazines, search engine advertisements, KOLs, press releases, emails, text messages, telephone marketing and trade show promotion, and plan buyer incentives, VIP buyer targeted service plans, etc., to maximize corporate media exposure and ensure high-quality buyers turn up. In addition, CKE China Baby u0026 Children's Show continues to improve the level of professional services, providing customized services for different types of companies and different types of channels every year, and organizing special procurement exchange meetings. Special events for baby carriages, safety seats, supplementary food supplies, and purchasing exchange meetings for supermarkets, maternal and infant chains, large e-commerce companies, and self-media special events. One-to-one negotiation, precise matching, remarkable results, and more diversified benefits from the exhibition. Participation fee discount countdown, registration this month will also have the opportunity to enjoy up to 15% off. It is understood that baby products companies participating in the 2018 CKE China Baby and Children Fair can enjoy up to 15% off by paying the deposit before May 31. To learn more, apply for the exhibition, seize advantageous resources, and obtain greater business opportunities, you can log on to the official website of the exhibition ( and click on Exhibitor Center-Exhibitor Application to register for the exhibition. Feeding supplies, nursing sanitary ware, baby clothing and apparel, maternity clothes, baby home textiles, baby products, safety products, food and other baby products companies want to promote their brands, and if they want to get the opportunity to display like their counterparts, they must seize the last Opportunities for discounts! Booths are limited, first come first served! High-quality booths are even more scarce. You can also call 010-68293650 for consultation immediately.
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