CKE China Baby Show leverages to promote the rapid development of maternal and infant products companies

by:Ennas      2021-12-26

Recently, David TV is broadcasting a drama 'Hey, Child' starring Jiang Wenli and Li Xiaoran. The theme is how far-reaching a child affects Chinese families, especially now with the implementation of the second-child policy. The children's product market has also made a huge response. The proportion of children's consumption in Chinese household consumption cannot be underestimated. The arrival of the second-child era means more consumer demand, and demand stimulates the market, which will stimulate the rapid development of the maternal and child products market. Although there are opportunities, for maternal and baby products companies, they cannot do without authoritative exhibitions. The China International Baby Products Fair is a good opportunity. China Baby and Children Fair is the leading international baby and child products in China. The professional trade platform is jointly organized by the China Toys and Baby Products Association and the German Cologne Exhibition in Shanghai in October every year. It aims to help domestic and overseas baby carriages, child safety seats, baby furniture and other maternal and child products companies. How can we seize the market dividend? The exhibition has become the key. In October this year, the China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai, fully demonstrating the three characteristics that a high-quality exhibition must have. The first is authoritative, which means rich exhibition experience, strong channel strength and high-quality exhibition services. These three points are fully reflected in the China Baby and Children's Show. The China Toys and Baby Products Association is a national Industry associations, whose members are basically composed of industry backbone enterprises, international brands and agents, play a more extensive role in helping companies develop domestic sales and foreign trade channels, and their influence is more far-reaching. Cologne Fair is currently one of the largest professional exhibition organizers in the world. It successfully organizes more than 80 international exhibitions every year, leading the world's 25 industry fairs, including the well-known Cologne International Children's Products Fair Kind + Jugend, a resource for overseas buyers Uniquely blessed. This authoritative and international strength has become the strongest guarantee for all participating companies in the China Baby and Children Fair. The second is internationalization. The exhibitors of CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair are positioned mainly for production-oriented enterprises and brand owners, and their buyers are high-level import and export traders, agent dealers, department stores, and chain channel dealers. In 2016, there were 65,467 professional buyers, of which overseas buyers came from 130 countries and regions. Whether they were buyers or sellers, China Baby u0026 Children Fair achieved global coverage. The last is precision. In order to better realize the development of the industry, CKE China Baby Show is a professional service provider, providing customized services for different types of companies and different types of channels, and organizing special procurement exchange meetings. Baby strollers, safety seats, supplementary food supplies, shopping malls, maternal and baby chains, large e-commerce, self-media and other procurement exchange meetings, one-to-one negotiation, precise matching, and remarkable results. The liberalization of the second-child policy and the improvement of the economic level have become the two major forces for the development of maternal and child products. The 2017 China Baby and Child Fair will inevitably become a crucial lever to promote the further accelerated development of the maternal and child industry.
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