'Chunge Love Mutual Aid Alliance' Toys Sharing Love Passing

by:Ennas      2021-12-01

Sponsored by 'Chunge Love and Mutual Aid AllianceIt is held in the small square in front of the Children's Activity Center. Parents and children interested in participating can bring toys to the venue.   According to Liu Jianchun, the person in charge of the 'Chunge Love Mutual Aid AllianceThere are also shooting games for family members to interact with each other, aiming to increase the feelings between children and between children and parents. Liu Jianchun introduced that, in addition, he also wanted to give children an extra place to play after class and study, and enrich their extracurricular life.   In addition, there will be caring companies on site to offer mountain local products for charity sale, and parents and children present can buy them voluntarily. The proceeds from the charity sale will be used to buy toys, which will then be given to mountain children by the 'Chunge Love Mutual Aid Alliance'.   It is understood that the 'Chunge Love Mutual Aid Alliance' is a Shijiazhuang love organization composed of dozens of volunteers and has held many love activities.
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