Christmas is coming

by:Ennas      2022-02-12

Christmas is a traditional Western holiday, but as the culture of hope gradually deepens, young people in China have also begun to celebrate Christmas, especially when the next snow on Christmas day, romantic things will happen frequently. During the Christmas season, in addition to meeting friends for dinner and chatting, we can also send gifts to each other.   Among the dazzling array of products, electronic products have become the protagonist of Christmas gifts for each other in recent years. Electronic devices such as tablets, smart watches, smart bracelets, and mobile phones have all become the objects of purchase. So in recent years, when Christmas comes, consumers have more and more choices, and electronic products that are easy to use and tasteful have become the first choice for gifts.   First, let’s take a look at the mobile phone. A model that can give you face and a moderate price is our focus. Huawei G7 Plus maintains consumer's face with a stylish appearance, 'shows its deep inside with practicality'. The machine adopts an all-metal integrated body, has Huawei's second-generation fingerprint recognition technology and a 2.5D curved screen. The current price is set at 2099 yuan, a truly low-cost flagship experience. Known as a better fingerprint phone by netizens, the Huawei G7 Plus has been recognized by users with its 0.5s ultra-fast fingerprint unlocking, which is also unattainable by the current Diaosi machine. It is very suitable for consumers who are pursuing a quality experience and are unwilling to pay for premium models of certain brands.   In addition to mobile phones, smart hardware has received more attention after entering 2015, so it is also a good choice to buy one or two smart hardware for Christmas. Among the many smart hardware, watches and bracelets have won the attention of consumers. Recently, Huawei launched a super high-value HUAWEI WATCH, which has the classic appearance design of traditional watches, and also has more than 40 dial themes and 5 straps. As a smart watch, it also has super human-computer interaction capabilities, providing functions such as call reminder, SMS push, WeChat reading, voice text response, voice search, navigation, offline payment, etc. are very convenient. At the same time, HUAWEI WATCH supports motion detection, which can intelligently identify various motion states of walking, running, and climbing. In terms of battery life, the 300mAh battery of this watch can guarantee us two days of use.   Another popular smart wearable device is the bracelet. Among many bracelets, people who like sports often choose FuelBand SE under NIKE. This bracelet is currently one of the most fashionable and effective sports trackers on the market. It is equipped with a hard plastic wristband with a small size. The LED display allows us to see the digital clock clearly, and the backlight uses rainbow colors. At the same time, it is also a device that focuses on sports tracking and provides users with a gamified 'fitness experience. Each time the user completes a task, he will be rewarded with points. Every night, the user can know the points he has earned.' As well as fat burning and walking goals. In addition to traditional sports (such as running), users can also set up Fuel Band SE to monitor other sports, such as yoga and bowling.    Finally, as people increasingly like to follow TV shows , So it’s also a good choice to buy a useful tablet at Christmas. So when we talk about the tablet, the first thing we think of is Apple’s iPad Pro. The Apple iPad Pro has the largest 12.9-inch iPad series so far. The screen has a wider field of view. The size of an ordinary A4 paper is almost the same, with a resolution of 2048x2732, using A9X processor, system memory 4GB, and storage capacity of 32GB and 128GB. The overall design is still mainly silver, all metal The body seems to have become Apple's patent, and it also gives the iPad a very good texture, and the weight in the hand is just right, and the appearance is very stylish, whether it is for office or daily use, it is very face. Double Stereo speakers, built-in noise reduction microphone. The camera part still adopts the previous design, front camera 1.2 million pixels, rear camera 8 million pixels, supports playback of 2160P video, and supports 1080P video recording, slow motion video, delay Photography video, video anti-shake function, optimized facial recognition function, three times video zoom, video geotagging function.    To sum up, in this Christmas, we still choose a lot of gifts, especially more and more developed Electronic products such as bracelets, watches, mobile phones, and tablets can be used as gifts to give to friends and family. With these devices, we can have a happy holiday at Christmas.
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