Christmas is approaching Christmas decorations become the main product of the toy store

by:Ennas      2021-12-24

The tall Christmas tree, the falling snow, and the Santa Claus sitting on a sleigh laughing... As Christmas approaches, the streets and alleys of Yanji City, Jilin have begun to be filled with a cheerful Christmas atmosphere. On December 16, the reporter visited some shopping malls and markets in Yanji City and found that many businesses adopted Christmas themes for interior and exterior decorations, and various Christmas decorations became the main products of most stationery stores and toy stores. In the West Market of Yanji City, many toy stores decorated their stores early with Christmas ornaments. The white snowflakes, the bright colored balls, the red and white snow house, the playful Christmas hat, the smiling Santa Claus...the variety of decorations attracts passing citizens to stop and choose.   Mr. Wu, who works in a catering company, came here to make purchases to decorate the store. He told reporters that every Christmas, customers come to the store for consumption in an endless stream. In order to create a Christmas atmosphere and closely follow the Christmas theme, he specially purchased Christmas trees and other decorations, preparing to create a cheerful and mysterious Christmas atmosphere in the store.   'Young people come to buy more, and some individual businesses are also the main force in buying Christmas ornaments.' The stall owner Ms. Du told reporters that in recent years, Christmas has gradually become a holiday sought after by young people. On Christmas Day, many lively young people will gather together. In order to set off the atmosphere, most of them will buy Christmas ornaments in advance to decorate the space. 'Some middle-aged and elderly people also buy some small Christmas objects in order to coax their children. They are fashionable and inexpensive, so Christmas ornaments are still very popular.' The stall owner said that currently, the Christmas ornaments on the market are still Traditional plastic products such as Christmas trees, snowflakes and colored balls are mainly used, but the colors are more vivid and the shapes are more detailed. 'Christmas is getting closer and more people come to buy decorations. Several top hats in the store are almost sold out. I believe the sales volume before the holiday should be good.' Ms. Du said happily.
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