Choose toys for your baby and 'prescribe the right medicine'

by:Ennas      2021-11-28

The baby's happiest time is probably when he is sitting in the toy pile, playing with toys, and sleeping while feeding. It can be said that every child must have toys, especially now that the family is basically an only child. Do parents know what kind of toys are safe? Young mothers are happy to buy all kinds of toys for their babies. Toys can not only make the baby feel happy, but also provide early education for the baby. Babies can use toys to improve their cognitive and imaginative abilities. Not only that, but their curiosity will make them full of interest in toys and exercise their observation and hands-on skills. To educate your baby correctly through toys, you must choose safe toys. Faced with so many toys on the market, parents must learn to choose safe toys. How to choose? One is to choose toys that are suitable for the baby's age. The choice of toys should be based on the age of the baby. The toys required by each age baby are also different. You will never prepare large toys for your baby when the baby is only 8.9 months old. It is best not to have hair on the baby’s toys for a few months, because at that time the baby’s respiratory tract is fragile, and the hairy things are easily sucked in and blocked in the respiratory tract, which can easily cause suffocation. This is the safety issue of choosing a baby that is suitable for a certain period. And babies of different ages have different psychological needs for toys. Baby’s preferences are different at any period, and if the toy is not the right age, then the toy is too simple for the big baby, but it is just right for the little baby; if the toy is too complicated, the older baby may be able to play. But for a baby, it is beyond intelligence and mobility. Therefore, the correct choice of toys suitable for the baby can truly play a role in playing and learning. The second is to choose toys that suit the baby's gender. The choice of baby's shape and color is also particular. Generally, girls like dolls or toys with a reddish color, and some more beautiful things, while boys are more keen on cars and airplanes. If you buy a car or airplane for a girl, the girl definitely doesn't like to play; you can't buy a doll for a boy to hold and play, you will be laughed at as a girl. So when buying toys, consider gender. The third is to choose hygienic, safe and sturdy toys. You should choose some toys made of non-toxic materials, and the colors on the toys should not fall off, the surface should not be angular, preferably smooth, so that it will not cut the baby, and if a group of children play together It is easy to hurt other children. And it is best not to choose toys that require mouths, such as whistles, which are easy to be hygienic and there is no guarantee. Sometimes they fall off the floor and just pick them up and stuff them in their mouths, which will not guarantee the baby's health. There are also toys that are best not too small, which can easily cause the baby to eat by mistake and cause suffocation. And for toys that can make sounds, it is best not to be too high, for fear that the baby will suddenly become deaf when playing and damage the eardrum. In order to do a good job in the early education of the baby, many mothers will buy a lot of educational toys for the baby to play, don't care about right or wrong, let the baby play by himself. And sometimes it is not necessary to buy toys to develop your baby's intelligence, and there are some things around which are also points of interest for your baby. So moms and dads need to understand what the baby likes better.
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