Chinese toy companies want to turn scientific classroom props into toys for children all over the world

by:Ennas      2021-12-20

Tencent Finance News (Xu Shiwen) UAVs with large palms, robots that need to be programmed and assembled, and sprites on tops that need to be scanned by mobile phones.... These seem to be props for science classrooms, but Chinese toy companies are turning them into toys for children all over the world. In fact, China’s toy industry is really hard and has to do it. In recent years, the export-oriented Chinese toy industry has been deeply affected by difficulties such as recruitment difficulties and continuous increase in labor costs. After the world economic crisis and the European debt crisis, demand in the European and American markets was insufficient. As a result, exports are also in a 'troughMany labor-intensive toy factories that were originally in mainland China have moved to Southeast Asia and other countries, but many companies still stay behind. Many industry executives have said that the recovery of demand in the European and American toy market, the relaxation of the domestic 'one-child' policy, and the loosening of bank reserve ratios are good for the toy industry. In order to avoid repeating the mistake of relying on exports in the past, many companies are still investing in their own brands. , These brands are a variety of unconventional toy products. Deng Weiqi, the sales director of a toy company in Guangdong, is sending drones to the booth of the Guangzhou International Toy Fair. The latter has been held for 26 sessions and there are about 1,300 exhibiting companies this year. 'In fact, children with drones can also play, because their parents themselves are younger generations, they are not satisfied with playing dolls for children.' Deng said. In fact, compared with the past, parents nowadays are more able to accept toys with technological and cultural elements. Some analysts believe that with the increase in the middle-class population in emerging markets and the increase in disposable income, coupled with the relaxation of China's fertility policy, it is expected that from 2015 to 2018, the total retail sales of the global toy and game market will be 3% to 6%. Steady growth. This trend is global. Statistics from a foreign trade network platform show that in 2015, the remote-controlled aircraft became the top keyword search ranking in the site. Toy companies can increase their profits by upgrading their technological content. Of course, there are some traditional toy focuses that are not outdated. For example, the release of various animation movies this year has made Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar Penguins and Smurfs also popular products. 'The New York Times' columnist Farhad Manyoo said of this phenomenon: 'They are all controlled by software, and all kinds of software are enough to cater to users of all ages. The total price of Dash and Dot robots is 228 US dollars. Anki Drive, a smart toy racing car priced at US$149.99, and a remote-controlled robot, Ollie, priced at US$99. I found these toys to be very interesting.” In Chenghai, where traditional toy companies in Guangdong are concentrated, “anki support toys, toy backfeeding” was once popular. 'Animation' profit model. Now, various local brands and new products are being explored endlessly. In addition to drones and remote-controlled cars, some companies have also tried to let children play with 3D printing. Similar research and development activities have promoted independent brands. In 2014, the 'general trade' of my country's traditional ordinary toys exported with its own brand products was 7.188 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 27.88%. The development of animation, film and television, online games, mobile games and other industries, and the integration of technology and culture into the hot spots of toys, has now become a new method for many toy companies. This kind of new tricks does not necessarily turn into sales performance. A manufacturer of remotely controlled aircraft once stated that toys are different from Zhenger's technological products, and the balance between consumer demand, product quality and cost control is not easy. For example, the most recent hot drones, the price of professional drones is at least over 10,000 yuan, which is obviously not the positioning of toys. To achieve the positioning of the toy, the configuration of the toy drone can only fly for ten to twenty minutes at most, which is likely to make the parents who buy the toy dull. Perhaps the only benefit that is not controversial is China's peak birth population. According to research reports, China’s birth population peak is expected to last until 2016 (city to 2018), and the corresponding peak period of child rearing will last for more than 9 to 10 years. The increase in the urban newborn population may be more significant, and the birth rate in economically developed provinces and cities The rate increase may be greater than that of underdeveloped provinces and cities. Such parents are obviously more cold towards drones.
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