Chinese pottery and porcelain of the _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-08-25
Core tip: China the origin of the word 'China' in English pronunciation from the history of jingdezhen name 'chang south'. In the 17th century, Europe also won't create (produce) porcelain, Chinese porcelain, especially the prosperous town of south China the origin of the word: 'China' English pronunciation from the history of jingdezhen name 'chang south'. In the 17th century, Europe also won't create (produce) porcelain, Chinese porcelain, porcelain particularly prosperous south town is very popular. In Europe at that time, the royal palace and began to collect the wind of Chinese porcelain, prosperous town of south China are very precious valuables, people are proud of to get a prosperous town of south China, and in this way, China is also with the widespread dissemination of Chinese porcelain in continental Europe, to become the pronoun of porcelain, makes 'China' and 'China' is inseparable from the pun. JingDe in the song dynasty years, the emperor emperor song zhenzong Zhao Heng appreciation is very prosperous town of the south of China, therefore, will send official kilns, specifically for the emperor firing various imperial porcelain, and requires written in tribute at the bottom of the porcelain 'JingDe year' four word. The first year JingDe ( In 1004 AD) Title, emperor song zhenzong in their own the name of the prosperous town of the south to jingdezhen. Since then, established the jingdezhen porcelain prime time in the world, the largest and longest process status which is the most consummate. China, C capitals. This is the meaning of in China. Because of the porcelain ShengChanDe in jiangxi province, also the 'prosperous south' in the town of harmonics. China, lowercase, c is the porcelain. Any local production of porcelain can call China, does not necessarily represent Chinese porcelain. The invention of the pottery, is an important symbol of human civilization, as well as for the first time human beings use natural, according to his will, created a new thing. Our ancestors at least 10000 years ago had already mastered the technology of ceramics, and understand in the make pottery for the cooking to add sand, in case of fire crack. These important relics in wannian county of jiangxi province and hebei xushui is able to trace. Whether in eight hundred or ten thousand, more than 6500 years ago had the bearing, in the early of yangshao culture, can achieve such superb level of ceramics, it may be only one, that is our ancestors was with the fear of the heaven of thick soil, with the future to create a fertility goddess. Ma ma's kiln kiln culture found in gansu about first, about 5000 years ago. The most distinctive features, horse home kiln culture is painted pottery culture is very developed. Gansu province is China's longest painted pottery origin first, development, distribution range and the artistic achievement of the highest, known as 'the hometown of painted pottery' laudatory name. This is more than 5000 years ago the horse home kiln bird patterns painted pottery pot. 【 】 Ornamentation often appear in the western art, spices also seems to be only westerners can enjoy, however, the warring states period of more than 2000 years ago, our ancestors have so elegant life emotional appeal. Split against the most serious is the warring states period in Chinese history and the most enduring era, such exquisite aftertaste, let history also become very beautiful, let us see the ancients life than we are going to have qualitative feeling today. This maintains the smile of more than 2000 years, still lovely today.
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