. chinese mirage JingBing ( Qing) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-21
Core tip:. chinese mirage Lao JingBing 32 cm, 21 cm long, width of 10. 8 cm, JingBing size 14. 8 cm, 4 cm thick. JingBing points, screen, three parts. A rectangle, waist, between four flower Lao fang carved a mirage JingBing 32 cm, 21 cm long, width of 10. 8 cm, JingBing size 14. 8 cm, 4 cm thick. JingBing points, screen, three parts. Rectangle, waist, four teeth for hollow out bound between branch lines. Dye teeth is set on rail, rail lake stone pile, pine, bamboo and plum, ganoderma lucidum, this product again, meanwhile, dyed in different colors, two quail in the stone, relative and hope. In the middle of floating clouds, like a wisp of smoke leaps, cloud on the best form of a small screen. Small screen frame stud lines, side engraved look volume grass grain within a week, screen scene use sculpture techniques, engraved 'mirage' wonderland, with mountains in the background, a castle in the piedmont triad, curved bar, fu, lu, shou samsung divided on three sides, curved bar under the sea, the water a fairy boat, the boat in the children a pole, the old man cross legs and sit, handheld Buddha dust directions moorings, shore has two child greeted with a harp, bats. Screen two side of each medallion 2, medallion for satisfied grain box, box respectively symmetrical anaglyph cloud two bats and cloud three bats lines. Screen wall reliefs volume grass grain after a week, the central relief fruitful peach branches and ganoderma lucidum, 1 on each side flying bats. This work to hollow out, embossed, dial the ornamental, together with skills such as the scene depicts exquisitely carved, scene farness, distinct, in 4 cm thick layer of ivory carved on level 15, a castle in the curved bar diao, such as hair, finely characters such as raw expression distinct, craft sophisticated, wonderful artical excelling nature. Screen and a decorative expressed 'zhi xian birthday', 'long peace', 'live' in ten thousand and other auspicious implies. This JingBing for orphan works, in the qing dynasty palace by emperors, until the end of the qing dynasty from the qianlong period, has been properly protected, dentin still delicate, white flowers scenery is complete the same, it is a masterpiece of court display.
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