Chinese ceramics 2 _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-08-25
Core clew: age kaiyuan department new hu tang sancai characters is not only shown in the tang dynasty secular small sculpture style and extraordinary artistic level, also objectively reflects the social customs and then look: this is a new sound out yuan prosperous time of hu tang sancai figure shows is not only the tang dynasty secular small sculpture style and extraordinary artistic level, also objectively reflects the social customs and then look: this is a let the world admire, let Wan Guolai on the strength of datang. Fine waist drum, is a favorite of tang dynasty. It is said that li good blow one jiegu, practice on bad drum it has three big ark. The drums female sitting lady coloured drawing or pattern, Tang Yonghui for two years. In 1976, shaanxi liquan NiuJinDa tomb unearthed. Tang sancai with female figurines, Japan beauty show art collection. Down south in jiangnan, the spirit, and life of the great tang dynasty, wide Luo Wenyi talents, in the song and dance of the at that time, the actor is palace. The actor warrior is the true portraiture of court life at that time. Tang actor, made in south down rising yuan seven years ( 943) High, 44. 5cm。 Unearthed in 1950 in jiangsu jiangning ancestor's hall mountain lee Bian QinLing, courtesy of the national Palace Museum in Beijing. ( JH:页面) Left: tang, xing kiln 'surplus' white glazed pot. Right: tang, xing kiln white glazed bowl 'surplus' model. When tang dynasty ceramic form a pattern of south to north green white, a potential quietly to generate power. Ceramic is change decayed for magical thing in the world, from the bottom, growing in accumulate over a long period. The craft of xing tang line at least two hundred years, 'profits' white porcelain appears during the period of the tang dynasty, is the first official glaze. The tang dynasty, the kiln celadon lotus flower and the secret color bowl in suzhou in 1956 he ruiguang found the third layer. By the bowl and one in two parts, the bowl of the outside wall, light disk and ring foot all act the role of double lotus, such as the bas-relief bulge, clever, just like a blooming lotus. Meanwhile, suzhou museum. Tang, white porcelain lions. LanLiJie (1986 J。 J。 拉莱柱) Antique smithsonian locations in New York, the lion air of ferocious exaggeration, domineering, forthright with the muscle tension, the lion nose appear rusty spot is the nods eyeball pen of like nature itself. The southern song dynasty powder blue glaze Pisces fold along the plate, 22 cm in diameter. This kind of fish is one of the most common decorative southern song celadon, this and the practice of longquan celadon powder blue glaze imitation sapphire texture. Since the advent of jade, jade fish is common. This can be confirmed in the jade unearthed a large number of fish. Jade fish more than general symbol from year to year, Fish) And more than happy ( Fish) , and thus widely popular. ( JH:页面) Eskenazi( Ace kerner together) Is one of several international famous big dealer, he knows what is the most Chinese collectors in 2005 yuan blue and white guiguzi down figure the battle tank, Taiwan very helpless with his defeated in the battle. This is their collection period of northern song dynasty kiln craft LiuDou green-splashed bowls, diameter of 10. 3cm。 The song dynasty longquan celadon plum green glaze lotus-shaped lines cover bowl, national museum. Longquan celadon, commonly known as brother kiln the celadon, the plum green and pink green, for top grade, glaze color if yellow, ash is inferior. Two kinds of gourmet celadon, and features a plum green most longquan celadon, 'after a storm comes a calm, plum green'. The southern song dynasty anvil green magnetic phoenix ear peanuts, inscription: at the beginning of may. Asian art museum in Tokyo. Japanese appreciation longquan celadon porcelain collection, according to its age is divided into: 'anvil green magnetic', 'dragon temple green magnetic' and 'seven officer green magnetic'. The southern song dynasty longquan celadon bottle, green pure color, soft and elegant style, quality, like a jasper. Back in northern song dynasty blue glaze girder, Bin County unearthed in shaanxi province in 1968, shaanxi history museum. Girder is a phoenix, the king of the birds; A lion spout, bm. Pot body is peony, peony, therefore is also called the three Kings. FuFeng type girder, HuaDi cover button. Plastic, pot of cohesive heap is breast-feeding mother-child lion, a lion mouth to flow. The spherical ampulla carve ACTS the role of peony. Center have quincunx note at the bottom of the hole, the pot when waterflood inversion, kit kat, modelling is the exquisite treasures of yao state kiln.
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