Chinese ceramics 1 _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-10-16
Core tip: blue white porcelain glittering and translucent moist, known as the false jade laudatory name, thus known, and a large number of exports to Europe. Before the 18th century, Europe also won't create (produce) porcelain, so Chinese porcelain, especially prosperous south green white porcelain glittering and translucent moist, known as false jade and common sense, and known, and a large number of exports to Europe. Before the 18th century, Europe also won't create (produce) porcelain, so Chinese porcelain, porcelain particularly prosperous south town is very popular. In Europe, the prosperous town of south China are very precious valuables, people are proud of to get a prosperous town of south China, so that the europeans 'prosperous south' as 'China' ( China) And in the production of porcelain 'China' ( China) Appellation. Over time, the europeans 'prosperous south' meant to forget, just remember that it is 'China' and 'China'. JingDe in the song dynasty years, emperor song zhenzong emperor is very appreciated chang town south of China, and set in the kiln, sending officials, specifically for the emperor fire all kinds of porcelain, and requires written in tribute at the bottom of the porcelain 'JingDe year' four word. ( JH:页面) Yangshao culture buds lipstick ceramic thin neck bottles, zhengzhou huaxia culture and art museum. 30 cm high, coordination of symmetrical structure, lines fluent and beautiful, well-developed full posture verve. 6500 years ago in the early yangshao culture, can achieve such superb artistic achievement, it may be only one, that is our ancestors was with the fear of the heaven of thick soil, with the future to create a fertility goddess. 台湾国立故宫博物院,。 Ting器皿白色陶瓷枕头的形状。 。 。 北宋时期( 960 - 1126). Ceramic origin and human origin, city of origin, three major tasks and archaeology, is of great significance. Pottery is the human use of soil water, by a substance into another substance's first product, is a revolutionary invention. Chinese pottery began in ten thousand, before its important relics in wannian county of jiangxi province and hebei xushui, PeiLiGang - eight thousand to six thousand years ago Yangshao - Hongshan - Dawenkou - Hemudu culture, is the dawn of civilization. ( JH:页面) Ma's kiln bird patterns painted pottery pot culture, the neolithic age. The horse home kiln culture is the neolithic culture of the Yellow River upstream, known as the painted pottery making. This pot is horse home the first type of painted pottery kiln culture, black color painting, composition, shu lang, seemingly geometric deformation of the grain is actually a bird patterns, has high artistic and aesthetic value. Cloth grain ceramic aromatherapy, during the warring states period. View person, color view of the world, the concept of smell way, micro oneself person, spiritual mastery, collect the gas, and its fragrance, massage it, Mr Fang. It is said that the ❤ 】 Is a western totem, spices and only westerners can enjoy, but our ancestors the lives of more than two thousand years ago, had the so elegant emotional appeal. During the years of the war chaos, there is such a simple sense, is very simple, you can touch to the soul. ( JH:页面) Smiling female figurines order YangLing buried tomb unearthed celadon of workers in west hunan museum don horse figurines change the style of the qin and han dynasties smooth like that, is famous for its vivid high attitude. Tang tomb unearthed in various TaoMa, despite the differences, but has a small head, hip circle and posture uniform, a sleek characteristics, was a reflection of the horse size. The tang dynasty in concept, general of the horses as foreign policy and military strategy tool. Xian qin TaoMa, Terra Cotta Warriors pit excavated, the national museum. Concise, hale and hearty, overwhelming. Heavy horses, love Ma Zhifeng very sheng in the tang dynasty, related to the nomadic heritage of Li Tang dynasty itself. Account will be riding hunting as a gentleman is one of three big pleasure. Don horse modelling more fat, mainly static, static in driving, revealed the inner strength and charm, the three-color horse stiffness and strong line, reflected the datang verve. And wonderful artical excelling nature skills and ingenious artistic conception, is the direct evidence of wei tang bright history and carrier. Yes tang sancai horse in shaanxi history museum. This is a only tang sancai camels carrying musicians were rated 'national cultural relics, shaanxi history museum. Xian tang tomb unearthed in 1959. A beautiful camel modelling of powerful, dancing figurines, musicians plump, vivid. Unearthed in the underground buried more than 1300 years, still brilliant. Tang sancai art value, is by its accurate and vivid, lifelike shape and mottled dripping wet, smooth and natural glazed heartstrings. Crowing flourishing tang tang began in the northern and southern dynasties and prosperous in the tang dynasty, with yellow, brown, green for basic glaze color. It with vivid modelling, colour and lustre is gorgeous and rich life breath. Tang sancai glazed pottery, is a kind of low temperature lead to join in the glaze of different metal oxides, the roasting, they form yellow, ochre yellow, shallow green, deep green, sky blue, brown, red, violet wait for color, rich and tomato show the fine art charm. Mainly used in funerary burial objects.
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