China's top ten by: a desert treasure talent better means of loulan desert jade _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-10-23
Core tip: 'ashimar' stone 'China top ten by' last year, called 'ashimar' 'mystery guest' with its magnificent verve of exotic 'top class'. This from the gobi desert 'ashimar' stone 'China top ten by' last year, called 'ashimar' 'mystery guest' with its magnificent verve of exotic 'top class'. This colorful from the gobi desert desert jade xingshenjianbei, charm, gorgeous national at one time. The ancients said: the beauty of the stone of jade. Loulan desert jade objects where? It comes from Inner Mongolia desert, is formed in a unique yadan landform environment of Chinese gem. Desert jade in the five dynasties ago called 'red jade', 'Joan jade', or 'qiong precious jade', later generations euphemistically called: loulan desert jade. Built up around one hundred million years ago, volcanic eruption desert jade 'fairy bone every child', set the sun essence, absorb nimbus of heaven and earth, then become the treasure of the desert. Since disappeared mysteriously loulan ancient desert jade has been 'the raise in the deep desert people knew. In recent years, as people of national civilization and constantly develops people of insight, the pursuing of the root of loulan desert jade again came to the angel of middle-earth as a civilization, to ordinary people. Loulan desert of jade is as a stone treasures. It a born beauty, strong and wen wan, with rich and plain, vicissitudes of life and clever, and many other qualities rolled up into one, is a symbol of good human spirit. Desert jade nut, equivalent to that of diamond. Desert jade in 7 mohs hardness degrees above, second only to diamond. It burns through one hundred million, ten million, sand, casting the indestructible. Desert long, gobi, flat, broad, forceful charm gave birth to the west of loulan desert jade majestic demeanor. Compared with the fragile soft jade, jadeite, desert of jade from the years of suffering. The gentleman standing between the heaven and earth, should not be like a desert jade persevere through vicissitudes of life? Desert jade shape, wonderful in amorous feelings, like nature itself. Ancient jade all through manual craftsmen carve, and desert jade is his inspiration of art nature. Into the deep desert, you will see the big or small jade, split, scattered in the sand. You picked up every piece is unique. The lithe and graceful body, always correspond to find wonderful things, like fish or such as birds, such as the king of beasts or like tianzhijiaozai, even in the drawings, portrays the desert solitary smoke, autumn maple's woods night. Every time the message will let you marvel at the magic of the accident. Desert jade is beautiful, very beautiful. In desert jade, would you believe the color is a character. China's stone seems to have a Chinese style, in the antique show Oriental verve. Perhaps desert jade is the colorful stone legend nuwa used to fill the day. Such as an evening video on red, blue like one thousand ancient pond, embellish yellow such as amber, such as golden, white like snow, like floating clouds. Or dignified, or fully, or dignified, historical turning into these beautiful colour, wrapped in guessing riddles. Since the ninety s last century, with the rising heat collection at home and abroad, the desert stone collection in collecting is also like a strange flower, blooming with each passing day. At the same time, as the leader of the desert stone loulan desert because of its good quality jade, stone lovers become the '3 big' : in the home furnishing articles is the art of ornamental, is found in art. Placed in the bedroom, study one or two pieces of stone, and do not fall convention, and shows a certain cultural background. Collectors value stone, the pursuit of artistic conception of natural. Loulan desert jade for guifushengong, between figurative and abstract lasting appeal is boundless. Away from the hustle and bustle of northwest frontier, every piece of loulan desert jade is a poem of the prosperities. Jade Buddha said a sand a world, desert scenery is infinite. The desert jade belt, home to stone as the mirror, you can experience through its bare plain return uncut jade to put in true meaning of life. Between hand bring master refers to a flow of fun. Loulan desert jade size, shape, ancient clever odd choice suitable for palm with a number. Because of sand repeatedly polished by one hundred million, and the rain nourishes, desert jade patina vigorous well-balanced, Shi Pi wen run smooth. In the hands grip the plus material warm in winter and cool in summer, happy, wonderful. Jade is a living, it has weight, with gesture. Each a texture is soul, each a gesture reveals romantic. Dad after a meal, a stone in the hand, such as with old friends, everything is under control, every article texture with ease. Wonderful! Leisurely! Decoration is a reflection of a personal life grade. China since ancient times there is 'the gentleman's jade welded to a cause'. Compared with represents the money of the gold and silver, jade pure quality, is the ancient symbol of ideal personality. Modern free from vulgarity, and the pursuit of the love of beauty is more loulan desert jade miao, extraordinary quality, talent and sings so unique, echoed that people pursuit of personality psychology. An ancient beauties often with jade love. Desert jade not say understand person: red jade red coals, pale as fair; Wrap silk jade love, such as silk, such as; Legend has it ancient, nuwa refined five-color stone for mending heaven, from then on, people in stone for the totem. Visible for stone, she also has a prayer. Last night, the stars today desert jade, today the loulan dream last night. From the Great Wall to the home, only this life looking for, for is predestined friends the human to desert jade has been one thousand years of waiting.
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