China's retail industry recovery report: sales of preschool educational toys surged eightfold in the first two months

by:Ennas      2022-01-17
Does every child need the company of toys when they grow up? A good children's toy can not only cultivate children's cognitive enlightenment, but also enhance children's hands-on ability, and stimulate their brains to have more imagination and artistic potential. The US market research agency NPD Group pointed out in a new report on the road to recovery of China’s retail industry that although sales of games, puzzles and outdoor toys have soared during the US epidemic, the group’s e-commerce data shows that before this year In two months, online sales of pre-school educational toys in China have soared eightfold. The new pre-school educational toys launched by toy manufacturers recently reflect the three major functions of cultivating children’s cognitive enlightenment, enhancing practical skills, and stimulating artistic potential. Cognitive enlightenment: Let children learn life common sense and subject knowledge during play. Cognitive enlightenment is an important function of preschool educational toys. Toy manufacturers incorporate knowledge of subjects such as English, mathematics, or cognitive time, identification of vehicles and other common sense of life into toys. , So that children can gradually master relevant content during play. VTech's Earth Learning Device allows children to explore the world without leaving home. VTech's Earth Learning Device contains four learning contents: Geographical Knowledge Enlightenment, learning geographic knowledge of seven continents and four oceans; appreciation of world music, appreciation of classic music from all over the world ; Fun quiz, five game modes to learn geography; 3D embossing technology allows children to intuitively experience various terrains, exercise children's imagination and thinking during play, promote language development, exercise hand-eye coordination, and cultivate curiosity, concentration and observation. Applicable age: 3 years old and above TOI chart benefit time planning board game, recognize time and manage time in the game. This board game product allows children to easily recognize and manage time in the game, learn time planning, establish time concept, and support Become a good habit of self-discipline. The matching wooden clock in the product adopts the linkage design of hour and minute hands. When the minute hand is moved, the hour hand will also move, simulating the flow of real time. At the same time, there are advanced gameplay, allowing children to learn time addition and subtraction, and set their own time schedule. Applicable age: Over 5 years old, you can come to the double-sided navigation board of the alphabet farm, 2 in 1 two ways of playing, observation and cognition are correct. This toy adopts a front and back double-sided design, one side is the farm nature scene, and the other side is the letter learning scene. In the natural scene of the farm, the child needs to successfully transport the ball to the appropriate destination, exercise observation and planning skills in the game, and try to solve the problem; in the letter learning scene, the child can recognize 26 English letters and learn while playing , Quick recognition, move the letter to the correct position, and learn English words. Applicable age: 3 years old and above, through the process of assembling, building, etc. to improve their hands-on ability and spatial imagination. In addition to cognitive enlightenment, there is also a kind of preschool educational toys that focus on children's hands-on ability training. Toy manufacturers allow children to do it themselves by providing a wealth of components. Assemble and build various shapes to exercise hands-on ability, hand-eye coordination and space imagination. Bainshi puzzle assembly car, a variety of play methods, assembling a variety of shapes. All the assembly parts of this toy are made of soft rubber material, which is safe and tasteless. It provides children with an immersive assembly and construction experience. In the process of exploration and assembly, it is based on Explain the drawings, let children distinguish each part, learn to use tools, simply understand the principle of mechanical braking, cultivate independent thinking, practical ability and concentration, and exercise multi-dimensional creativity. Suitable age: 3 years old and above play the family puzzle cube building blocks, use limited building blocks to build unlimited shapes. This building block product is composed of 9 large-particle building blocks. At different stages of the child, there can be different ways of playing. In the cognitive exploration period, It can exercise children's grasping ability and the cognition of colors and shapes; imitating the learning period, you can stack the blocks to build simple shapes; creating a thinking period allows children to unleash their creativity and build various complex shapes. Suitable age: Magformers Magformers magnetic film track competition group over 3 years old, to enhance children's space imagination. There are six ways to build Magformers: combination, folding, pulling up, rolling, transforming, enclosing, visually presenting three-dimensional space, 3D Develop children's brain power, exercise children's logical thinking ability and spatial imagination in the assembling and conversion of different shapes. Suitable age: 3 years old and above stimulate artistic potential, show that children's artistic creation talents develop and cultivate children's artistic potential, which is also an important aspect of preschool education. In this regard, toy manufacturers have also launched corresponding new products, ranging from artistic modeling, Drawing creation and other aspects, inspire children's artistic creativity. Hape art magnetic sticker box, a variety of fancy magnetic stickers for children to assemble as they wish. This artistic magnetic sticker box uses a double-sided blackboard scene design, contains 91 fancy magnetic stickers, 12 inspiration cards, there are 24 types Patterns are available for reference, allowing children to make combinations according to the reference patterns while gradually using their imagination to spell out various shapes. Suitable age: Milu multi-function magnetic drawing board for children over 3 years old, a variety of play methods to help children learn early. In addition to magnetic drawing board, pattern stamps and brushes, this product is also equipped with a variety of background cards, including addition and subtraction calculations, cognitive training, Shape training, logical thinking training, drawing training and other functions increase the fun and playability of toys, allowing children to carry out early education and enlightenment in all aspects while drawing. Suitable age: Crayola creativity enlightenment early education kit for 3 years old and above, a collection of various products, to cultivate children's artistic creativity in many aspects. The kit contains seven products such as finger paints and washable thick-headed watercolor pens. Children can paint with patterns. Color, finger painting, graffiti, hand-cut paper creation, etc., provide children with a variety of artistic creation experiences. Finger paint and watercolor pens are all washable and non-toxic formulas. Parents can rest assured that children can create as much as they want. Suitable age: over 2 years old
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