China's largest toy manufacturer drove up 4 million toys and was checked by the government

by:Ennas      2022-01-03
The government will distribute confiscated toys to poor children as Christmas gifts. . (Webpage screenshot)    International Online Special: According to a report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on December 11, the Venezuelan government recently confiscated nearly 4 million toys from toy dealers suspected of illegally driving up prices. The government will distribute these toys to poor children as Christmas gifts.   Kreisel is the largest toy distributor in Venezuela. The Venezuelan Fair Price Management Agency confiscated nearly 4 million toys from its three warehouses last Friday. It is reported that the company is suspected of illegally raising prices. Two Kreisel executives have been arrested on charges of price speculation.   William Contreras, head of the Venezuelan Fair Price Management Agency, declared that Kreisel was selling toys at higher prices by underreporting inventory. Contreras said that the action was to warn these companies not to play with Venezuelans' rights.   Currently, Kreisel has not responded to this. The Venezuelan local supply committee will be responsible for the fair distribution of toys for the children. Venezuela is facing a severe economic crisis, with extreme shortages of food and medicine. Recently, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (Nicolas Maduro) has ordered merchants to cut prices by 30% to 50%. (willow)
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