China's existing largest jade carving crafts

by:Ennas      2021-10-10
In the national Palace Museum in Beijing dayu harnessing of yushan, high 224 cm, 96 cm wide, weighs about 5330 kilograms, is the largest existing in our country ancient jade carving crafts. Jade carvings show stereo shape, carved with Chinese ancient above a mountain of water conservancy and moving so dwyane. The whole set carved WanShi a kunlun mountains, mountainous, precipitous appeal it, ancient pines, waterfall droped, deep caves, majestic. Dayu hillside personally working on the front and follow his migrant workers, some holding steel chisel in eye, some with pickmattock in digging plane, all concentration and sweating like a pig. Picture is very spectacular, modelling, like thousands of years ago Xia Yu led tens of millions of migrant workers the great scene of water conservancy before people now and again. According to the previous account, was shipped from xinjiang to the big jade expected, also made a long axis three zhangs 5 ft chariots of iron, with more than 100 horse marooned, plus more than 1000 famous battle, push pull, open roads meeting the mountain and water. Hetian to Beijing 5550 kilometers, the light on the road is spent several years of time. Jade expected to Beijing again turned from waterways to carve to yangzhou. Is the most macro materials in China, the longest road, take the longest, cost the most, carve the most refined, the shape of the giant jade carving crafts. Mesoscopic sculpture of migrant workers and tools, vivid, very realistic. “ Jade YuShan & throughout; Forever is a unique art treasures HeGuoZhi treasures.
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