China Consumers Association recommends: Baby and child toys should be selected scientifically according to age groups

by:Ennas      2022-02-01
Baby toys are diversifying, and there are thousands of ways to play. With the continuous development of the toy market, a large number of Internet celebrity toys have emerged, which are much loved by children and parents. While the market continues to move forward, we should also look at product safety issues. In recent years, health hazards caused by toys are not uncommon. According to data reported by the China Toys and Baby Products Association, the domestic toy market in my country has increased from 55.60 billion yuan in 2016 to 77.97 billion yuan in 2020. However, there are also consumer complaints about children’s toys. According to the “Analysis of Complaints Accepted by the National Consumers Association in 2020”, in 2020, the National Consumers’ Association accepted a total of 4,847 complaints about children’s toys, an increase from the number of complaints in 2019. Nearly twice. Recently, the China Consumer Association issued a reminder that children’s toys involve safety issues including: mechanical physical damage (such as toy parts falling off, toys with dangerous sharp edges, etc.), chemical damage (such as illegal addition of prohibited substances, certain element content) Exceeding national standards, etc.), the age of the toy does not match the actual use, and the injury caused by the misplay of non-toy products. In this regard, the China Consumers Association reminds the majority of parents: not to buy inferior children's toys for cheap; to buy toys to look for CCC certification; the purchased toys should be suitable for children's age; some products are not toys and are not suitable for children to play; younger ones It is best for children to accompany them during play. The reporter noted that the State Administration of Market Supervision announced the newly revised “Guidelines for Judging the Applicable Age of Toys” national standards for the age group of children that should be suitable for children. , Recommend applicable toy categories, toy descriptions and examples to help consumers choose toy products that are more suitable for children’s age, so as to reduce possible child injury accidents caused by toys. The China Consumers Association recommends that when buying toys for younger children, you should also avoid the following categories: First, brightly colored toys, such as clay toys, which generally contain substances that are harmful to the body. It will endanger safety and health if it enters the body when playing; second, toys with fragrance, the fragrance generally comes from additives and plasticizers, children may inhale a certain amount of harmful substances during long-term playing with these toys, which affects physical development ; Three are small toys or toys with small detachable parts. Such toys or small parts in toys are easy to be eaten by children, and there are risks of suffocation. Fourth, toys with sharp edges are easy for children to puncture when playing. It hurts the eyes or scratches the body; fifth, shooting toys, balloons, ropes and other toys with greater safety hazards, such as net red balloons, are prone to deflagration once they come into contact with high-temperature heat sources or open flames. In addition, for some popular products on the market, such as the previously exposed laser pointers, electric balance bikes, water spirits, etc., the China Consumers Association reminded that these products are not toys, and because of the high risk, they are not recommended for children to play with as toys. (Intern reporter Bao Mengchuan)
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