Children should stay away from 'school curse cards' and other negative toys

by:Ennas      2021-11-25

The 'Campus Curse Cards' with obvious maliciousness are on sale near the elementary school. 'Last week, my child came home from school and brought back a dozen of 'School Curse Cards'. The content on the card was very negative, but he played In high spirits.” Recently, Ms. Chen, a citizen of Fuzhou, called the hotline of this newspaper to report that the “campus curse cards” in stores around some elementary schools in Fuzhou are selling hot recently. Many children write the name of the person to be cursed on the card after purchasing the card. Parents are worried that this kind of toy will have an adverse effect on children's physical and mental health. After receiving the response, the reporter immediately launched an investigation. On January 7, the reporter went to a small shop near Huqian Primary School in Fuzhou City, and saw the 'Campus Curse Card' placed in a prominent position in the shop. There are two types of cards, the larger one resembles a playing card, and the smaller resembles a business card. The cards are packed in a transparent plastic bag, each bag contains 5-10 cards, and a pack of 5 cents. The reporter took out 1 yuan to buy two packs, and found that the production date, quality certificate, and manufacturer information were not marked on the outer packaging of the card. Opening one of the packaging bags, the reporter saw that there were 9 cards inside. The front of the card was painted with a portrait of a person, and the name of the person to be cursed was written underneath and curses such as 'nightmare while sleeping' and 'being chased by a dog on the road'. language. Among them, curses such as 'I curse XX with a score of 0' and 'I curse XX without water while bathing' are still jokes, but 'I curse XX to die when eating' and 'I curse XX to die when she is frustrated' And so on are obviously malicious. 'This kind of card is very easy to sell. Once school is over, many students rush to buy it in the store. This is now the best-selling toy in our store.' A store owner told reporters in just two weeks. , He sold nearly 100 boxes of 'Campus Curse CardsAt around 5 pm, at the peak of the students returning home from school, the reporter randomly interviewed seven or eight primary school students near two primary schools in Gulou District. They all said that they recognized this card, and it was sold at a small shop near the school. Three students said that they had bought it, and they would show it to their classmates when they saw interesting pictures. In addition, in some small shops near the school, reporters also found badges printed with the words 'being ambiguous' and 'begging to pick up a girlAll kinds of lottery toys with gambling colors...bad toys emerge in endlessly. The Administration for Industry and Commerce can only investigate and punish Mr. Wang from Huqian Primary School in Fuzhou City for many years. She has been engaged in moral education for many years. An example of bad toys. In recent years, bad toys that are harmful to the healthy growth of children have been flooded. After repeated prohibitions, new tricks will appear every time.' She said worriedly: 'As teachers, we can only Guide students to refuse to buy and play, but this kind of guidance inevitably has a certain degree of lag, so we also feel very helpless.” Then, these bad toys without any signs are sold publicly and are very popular with children. Who will supervise it? The reporter interviewed the Law Enforcement Section of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Gulou District. The relevant person in charge of the Law Enforcement Division said that from the content of the 'Campus Curse CardIf the card sold is a 'three no' product, they will go to check and order the merchant to rectify or remove the product. The person in charge also said that in September and November last year, they carried out inspections of related items within the jurisdiction, investigated and dealt with a batch of publicly sold cards and vulgar cards, and issued warnings, education and persuasion to related businesses. . At the same time, he also said that it is difficult to completely eliminate such items only by relying on daily inspections. Schools and parents must also take the responsibility of persuading and educating their children. He also suggested that the state should enact legislation on such acts as soon as possible and increase penalties to increase the illegal costs of businesses. The person in charge of 12315 in Gulou District reminded that if parents find that their children have purchased such bad toys, they can request a return or complain to 12315. Yuan Shuiping, deputy chief physician and psychiatrist of the 92nd Hospital of Nanping City, told reporters that 'campus curse cards' are low-level cards and will produce negative implications. If a child buys such a card, it means that the child has a backlog of bad emotions in his heart and has nowhere to vent. Therefore, parents should pay attention to their children's need to relieve stress and give them correct guidance in time. In addition, curse will produce powerful negative energy, which is not conducive to the formation of positive and healthy mentality of students. In this regard, the school should also provide appropriate guidance to let the children understand that playing 'curse' is not a good way to communicate. Dr. Yuan also said that many juvenile crimes or suicides, in the final analysis, are because negative emotions cannot be properly channeled. Therefore, schools and parents should attach great importance to the phenomenon of 'campus curse card' and guide students to face up to and channel negative emotions through chat, exercise, and listening to music.
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