Children's toys tend to be more and more online

by:Ennas      2021-12-12

When a child can often feel success in life, he will not treat the Internet as a toy, or even become addicted to the Internet. 'Where did the kids' spare time go?' Recently, a survey conducted by the Capital Internet Association of 4005 teenagers in the city found that 53% of children choose to surf the Internet during their spare time, of which 70% of middle school students are playing online games, movies, and music. , Internet novels and other entertainment activities.   There has been a long debate about whether children should use the Internet as a tool or as a toy. Every time a similar investigation comes out, we will regret to find that children again regard the Internet as a toy. The ratio is more or less, but it is the entertainment function of the network that ranks first. This result is not only expected, but also makes us more worried. How we hope that the results of a survey will be reversed. Children put learning function first, but surprises never appeared.   With regard to this result, I would like to make four points.  First, it is human nature to treat the Internet as a toy. The Internet has entered people's lives. It is not only a tool, a toy, but also people's lifestyle and living environment. Human nature is to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages and pursue happiness. Everyone likes to live a relaxed, comfortable and happy life. No one wants to live a life of hardship. Therefore, facing the new environment of the Internet, people must also like to play. Playing games, watching videos, reading novels, listening to music, and chatting with friends are all easy things that can bring people happiness. Therefore, it is natural for children to treat the Internet as a toy, and it is not inappropriate. Even adults, if it is not for work and survival, I believe that more people will choose to watch movies and listen to music on the Internet instead of looking up information and writing reports. Therefore, whenever there are similar survey results, we don't have to panic and worry.   Second, play is a child’s right. From the perspective of children's rights, we must also realize that children have the right to play and relax, and it is also their right to treat the Internet as a toy. This 'play' can have nothing to do with learning, but simply leisure. Adults are often wishful thinking, hoping that children will learn more while playing, and it is best to be able to play with abilities and knowledge. It's like an adult taking children out for a spring trip, and they must be required to write a wonderful travel note. But experience tells us that this kind of effect is not good. Being asked to write essays often results in children neither having fun nor writing good essays. The reason why adults panic is because we are too hopeful that we will become a dragon. We ignored their rights, did not regard them as the main body of growth, and did not take children as the foundation, but regarded them as the object of education and the model to be shaped. We want them to grow up according to our vision.   Third, playing is also children’s learning. For children, learning is more through experience. The process of playing is the process of learning. They learn the rules while playing games, understand the world through watching videos, learn to communicate in online chat, and feel the world through music. . It's just that we adults often don't regard this kind of learning as learning. We just want our children to use the Internet as a classroom, learning writing, counting math, and practicing foreign languages u200bu200bon the Internet. This is only a narrow sense of learning, and broad sense of learning comes from all the experiences and details of life. As long as the children have experienced, it is their learning, and some useful experience and knowledge will be deposited.   Fourth, let the offline life be more exciting than online. Having said so much, it is not to say that adults can shirk the responsibility of education. Children in the Internet age should indeed learn to get along well with the Internet. Some people have strong self-control ability in front of the Internet, while others have developed 'Internet addiction.' Studies have found that four types of children are more likely to get 'Internet addiction'. One is children who are not recognized in school, the other is children who lack warm parenting in the family, the third is children with low self-acceptance, and the fourth is Face children who lack coping ability in life. The common feature of these four types of children is that they feel defeated in life, have no fun, and have no self-confidence. Only then will they escape to the Internet, become addicted to play, and become ill. Our responsibility is to let children play and learn happily in the face of the Internet. Therefore, adults should help children build self-confidence, enhance life ability, make more friends, cultivate hobbies, and give children warmth and understanding. When children can often feel success in life, they will not treat the Internet as a toy. Even addicted to the Internet can not extricate themselves.
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