Children's toys, one of the biggest killers of child safety accidents

by:Ennas      2021-12-12

Child safety accidents have always been a topic of great concern to everyone. Do you know that children's toys are also a big killer of child safety accidents. Many young parents really ignore this point, so that they regret when their children are hurt. . But you can't keep children away from all toys completely because of this. Today, the editor reminds everyone that for the safety of children, please avoid these dangerous toys. For many years, children’s toys have been one of the major killers of child safety accidents. Despite this, toys are still indispensable childhood playmates for children. We cannot restrict children’s play with toys, but we can help children to play more selectively. Safe toys.  Don't let your child spend a boring childhood without toys because of the problem of toy safety. You can keep dangerous toys away from your child and give him a safe and happy toy paradise. Next, I would like to remind everyone that the following ten dangerous toys should be kept away from your children.  1. Projectile toys  Projectile toys include various toy pistols, water guns, as well as slingshots, bows and arrows that were once commonly used in our country, and darts toys.   Hazard Index: ★★★★★   2. Balloon toys    Balloon explosions are easy to cause injury to children, especially hydrogen balloons, which can cause violent combustion when encountering flames; once the balloon fragments enter the child’s respiratory tract, it is difficult to take out, which is very dangerous.   Hazard Index: ★★★★  3. Metal toys    are easy to cut children's skin; some metal toys are coated with glaze paint as decoration, these glaze paint may contain lead and other heavy metals that are harmful to humans.   Danger Index: ★★★  4. Toys with ropes   The rope is easy to wrap around the child’s fingers or neck. It can cause ischemic necrosis of the fingertips if the time is long, and it can cause the baby to suffocate.   Hazard Index: ★★★   5. Children's toy cars    Many toy cars have chains that are not completely sealed, which can easily disturb children's hair and shoelaces. Many toy car seats do not have seat belts, which are prone to accidents, which are potential risk factors.   Danger Index: ★★★   6. Miniature Toys    Small toys, including building blocks and other small accessories, such as buttons, coins, hairpins, etc., will be put in the mouth, ears, and nostrils of an innocent baby, causing danger. Hazard index: ★★★   7. Some unqualified mask toys on the mask toy market are made of toxic plastics, which can cause harm when inhaled by children; in addition, some mask toys are airtight, and there is no place in the mouth and nose. Leave a place to breathe, not suitable for children.   Risk Index: ★★   8. Plush toys    The small fluff on plush toys may cause respiratory infections and skin diseases in children.   Hazard Index: ★★   9. Non-smooth toys   The surface of non-smooth toys has larger particles and sharper parts that can bruise or cut children.   Danger Index: ★  10. Musical toys    Excessively loud concerts damage children’s hearing and affect children’s emotions; and the batteries in toys, especially button batteries, are easy to be picked out by children and easily put in the mouth, causing danger.   risk index: ★
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