Children's toy flea market Children experience the fun of trading

by:Ennas      2021-12-02

'Take a look, it's vomiting blood for sale!' This shout is not a market vendor selling, but the children on the 'children's toy flea market' are selling their toys. On the 22nd, the 'Children's Toy Flea Market' organized by 'Chunge Love Mutual Aid AllianceThe main content of this activity is children's simulated flea market trading toys and parents and children completing games together. The participants of the first activity are students and parents of Airport Road Primary School.  Toy flea market children experience the fun of trading  'How much is this toy?' 'Three yuan   The children at the scene not only 'do business' buying and selling toys, but also 'make money' by grabbing prizes. 'The first prize is a Lego toy, the second prize is a book, and the third prize is toothpaste, with fifty cents once.' Student Zhang said that after a while, he 'received quite a lot' by winning the prize. 'Children's toy flea market' has become a small market. The 'flea market' will continue to be held every Saturday. This 'children's toy flea market' is mainly attended by classmates from the two classes of Airport Road Primary School. Principal Nie of Airport Road Primary School and Director Jia of Shijiazhuang Women and Children Activity Center both said 'I hope that this event can continue to be held, which will help the children to enhance their communication skills and even get in touch with the society in the future.' said Liu Jianchun, the person in charge of the 'Chunge Love Mutual Aid Alliance' that hosted the event. He hoped that it would pass This activity promotes emotional exchanges between children and between children and their parents. 'At present, children are still trading toys. In the future, I hope that more exchanges and sharing of toys will increase the children's awareness of sharing with others.' He also said that he will continue to hold this activity every future. Every Saturday afternoon can provide a good place for children to have fun.
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