Children's toy firecrackers, safe and environmentally friendly

by:Ennas      2021-11-27

The article 'Electronic Whip Hot Selling, Sound and Optoelectronics Creates Environmentally Friendly Spring Festival' published in Japanese newspapers yesterday triggered a lot of heated discussions among readers and netizens. Many citizens called this newspaper’s hotline to express support for environmental protection during the Spring Festival and not to buy traditional firecrackers. The netizen 'Blue Bird' said on the QQ platform of our newspaper, 'The current firecrackers are tumbling tens of thousands of times. It is noisy and pollutes the environment during the New Year. Electronic whips are also a good thing that is environmentally friendly and highlights the festive atmosphere.' 'Lemon' also hopes that electronic firecracker manufacturers can produce some toy firecrackers or fireworks specially for children to play, so that children can also play with them, and parents don't have to worry about them being injured by firecrackers. Readers Mr. Xu and Ms. Liu specifically called our newspaper’s news hotline to ask where to buy electronic firecrackers, and said that they had decided not to buy traditional firecrackers this year. They would buy electronic firecrackers, which saves money and preserves the festive atmosphere.
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