Children's smart toys fully open the pace to enter China's trillion-dollar maternal and child consumer market

by:Ennas      2021-12-19

China Software Information Network reported on March 16 that the war between the three giants of TAB has resumed. Recently, a source broke the news that a subsidiary of Tencent may officially launch the first self-developed children's smart toy in the near future. Start to enter China's trillion-dollar maternal and child consumer market.   According to a source, when you open the baby listen to the APP splash screen, you can already find that they are taking the opportunity to make a preview of the smart toy for their 3rd birthday. In today’s prosperous maternal and child market, why does Babie Tingting have to invest a lot of research and development costs? And he is very confident. What are the reasons behind this? This smart toy not only has massive story resources, basic functions for children to choose, but also The innovative parent-child game function allows parents to interact with their children in games at home. We had many playmates in our childhood, but now children are basically staying at home in the smog world with mobile phones and computers all day long. It is very difficult to have a game partner. In response to this social status quo, Baby Ting Ting smart toys came into being. Its production will subvert the parent-child relationship model of toys instead of parents accompanying children, and transform into parent-child relationship bonds, allowing parents to bid farewell to the regret of 'the father wants to accompany the child but does not wait'. Interactive games allow children to enjoy the company of their parents, while also allowing parents to retrieve precious childhood memories of games. It is predicted that this new feature will set off a frenzy of parent-child interaction in the maternal and infant market.  Compared with the design thinking of material liberating manpower advertised in the Internet industry today, Baby Ting Ting smart toy products are going against the current trend of smart products. It is reported that in addition to the subversive design concept, the product also has many mysterious functions. The product is based on the rejection of parent-child silent companionship, and deeply explores the parent-child interaction mode. According to relevant sources, Babie Tingting intends to 'globally call for names' through the Internet in the near future. They hope that this children's smart toy that has broken through the bottleneck of the story machine in function can be given a more intimate connotation. The original design of   Baby Ting Ting smart toy is not much different from the story machine, but under the needs of big data users, the powerful function of parent-child interaction is added. Break the barriers of single story output from the story machine, and make the coexistence mode of parents and children more friendly and interesting. The popular game 'Carrot Squat' can also interact with children through this smart toy, and cultivate children's character subtly. The classic children's game 'Wooden Man' not only reminds parents of childhood memories, but also closes parent-child relationship. The other bright spot of Baby Tingting smart toys is the realization of hardware interconnection, which can share resources with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and other hardware, which maximizes the use of resources to a certain extent. In addition, Smart Toys integrates hundreds of parenting experts, and these parenting experts will be the original content pool of the baby listen to children's story machine.   The source emphasized that Baby Ting Ting children’s story machine chooses the only channel for sales of Baby Ting Ting APP, and there is no need to worry about user problems. According to third-party data, as of now, Baby Tingting APP has more than 20 million registered users and more than 4 million monthly active users. It is currently the largest children's story listening app in China. Tens of millions of marriage and childbirth user groups fully guarantee the quantity and quality of the product seed user group.   In the face of Tencent Baby, it is a counter-traditional business model that first pure software and then make physical products. According to industry insiders, this is another fresh case of the current Internet economy counterattacking the traditional economy. Traditional business has products first, and then struggles to find users. However, Internet commerce is completely different. Instead, users are circled first, and after a huge user base has been accumulated, product innovations are made based on the needs of these users. This model conforms to the law of market development and will also be the mainstream development trend of future business. Undoubtedly, relying on Tencent's strong data, funds, and technical support, Babie Tingting may completely overturn the entire children's story machine market and become the largest ruler of China's children's story machine consumer market.
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