Children's puzzle assembling large-particle building blocks

by:Ennas      2022-01-29
Which educational toy is better to choose? Seeing that the cold air is right in front of you, it is impossible to go out and play. But for home play, there is no better toy, and children can't stay. The cute baby early education game table, puzzle assembling building blocks, can not only cultivate children's hands-on and brain skills, but also enhance parent-child relationships. The cute baby building blocks teaches the game table early, so you can play and learn. The particle board on the front can be played with building blocks, and the white smooth board on the back is for eating, drawing, and homework. It can be said to be a table with dual functions and multi-functions. At the same time, the cute baby building blocks early education game table has a higher appearance. The classic and stylish Morandi color design is beautiful and practical. An ergonomic seat with an upright posture. 22cm reasonable desk and chair height difference, legs straight and not flexed, sitting in a correct posture will not hunch back, so that children can develop a better sitting habit. Brand-new environmentally friendly material, using ABS+PP material, health and peace of mind, parents do not have to worry about harm to children's health. A variety of geometric building blocks, MBE style high-end color, colorful color matching, exercise the baby's cognitive ability of shapes, colors, numbers, etc. A variety of building blocks can be matched with each other, with unlimited creativity. In the cold winter, there is such a game table at home. Do parents want to play it too?
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